June 27, 2017
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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

When I was 16, I had the awesome opportunity to travel to California for a school field trip that explored San Francisco, Sequoia and Redwood National Forests, Santa Cruz, Monterrey, and last but not least, Yosemite National Park. Yosemite was by FAR my favorite part of the entire excursion and, although we don’t have any immediate plans on visiting, I had to create this Yosemite appreciation post as almost a before-and-after for when I take RJ.

RJ has never been as outdoorsy as me (and yes, I am quite outdoorsy – I just happen to like people less than him so I stay indoors most of the time haha). I ran across a few spectacular photos of the park on Tumblr and hopped on Google images and already started planning our trip, which is funny since two days ago I decided we were also going south for my birthday to explore San Diego; can you tell I want a vacation?


The park is actually in a valley surrounded by huge mountains on all sides. It was 9 years ago, but I remember the fun like it were yesterday. We stayed in little cottages on a campground in the valley and I remember one night, against the judgment of our chaperones who were sleeping, a group of us snuck out and decided we wanted to touch a mountain. We climbed and climbed until we got to the rock face and as we were patting the mountain, our flashlights died. I had never seen so many stars in my life and the feeling of isolation was deafening. I couldn’t even get scared because it was so beautiful, though I did manage to freak out on our climb down in the pitch dark. I remember a guy in our group of five (Tyler was his named) tripped and fell ten feet injuring his ankle. Irresponsible, but soooo much fun.


One of the amazing parts of the trip to us Floridians was the complete lack of insects. We couldn’t believe the lack of mosquitoes. Back in Florida, there are clouds of them that follow you everywhere so you’re constantly surrounded by buzzing, and it was so silent in the valley it was almost eerie. Not that any of us complained.


Waterfalls are everywhere in Yosemite. You have the actual Yosemite falls (which, if I remember correctly are actually three falls in one) that are awesome… from a distance. Of course, our entire group had to take a tour to the actual falls but all I remember was an immense amount of wind and my clothes getting DRENCHED haha. Still wouldn’t trade the experience for the world, but from the photos you’d think I went swimming. There were other falls throughout the park that we explored, one being Bridalveil (I thiiiink) and one of my friends managed to upload photos of that excursion. So, for your viewing pleasure, 16 year old Will:


I know, I don’t know what I was thinking with that hair.

Anyway, this is just a post to pressure the future me into taking RJ up there so he can appreciate Yosemite as much as I did. It should make for a pretty spectacular vlog, don’t ya think?

If anyone else has any suggestions for breathtaking vacations like Yosemite, make sure to mention them in the comment section below.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. I love the pictures, that looks like it was an incredible trip! One of the most beautiful places I have traveled to is Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains.

  2. You guys should go to Mammoth Lakes, CA. and spend half day skiing/snowboarding it’s fun!! and more fun if you’re drunk! XD (that would make and amazing vlog!).

  3. It’s beautiful!! I’m really looking forward to your trip to Yosemite.

  4. I lived in Carlsbad for a while, which is northern San Diego, very beautiful. Now currently live about 30 minutes from SF, honestly LA is one of the most beautiful places. I can’t wait to move to LA, I’ll be visiting LA hopefully a few times in 2014! Plan to move in a year or less!

    Will, your hair is on point. All the pictures need is your majestic unicorn shirts.

  5. Ya know, when I get discouraged hearing all of the hate and the negativity directed tword the LGBT community from the religious right, social conservatives, and frankly ourselves, this is what I think of. There are places like this in OUR country, MY country, that belong to us all, that belong to me. Places I can be where the quiet, the rawness, the perfection can lay over me and absorb me; invite me to know it personally,wrap itself around me. This is what I will always know, that this is MY country and no matter the price I have to pay they will never make me feel undeserved or that It’s not mine so long as I’m here. Because they can’t. Take your man there and fuck each others brains out under the stars, because you can.

    Will, your 16 year old hair is GORGEOUS.

  6. Am I the only person who didn’t know how to pronounce Yosemite? Until I looked it up just now I have always said ‘Yohse-myte’. It looks spectacular. And loving the old photos.

  7. You should some to Western North Carolina and see Great Smoky Mountain and Blue Ridge Mountain.

  8. No way! The first time I saw a picture of Yosemite I freaking have been wanting to go soooo bad. So jealous that you are around 1000 miles closer to there than I am (New Jersey shout out). For some recommendations, I have been scuba diving off the Channel Islands near Oxnard which is a lil’ north of LA. The islands are absolutely stunning from the water, and I remember wanting to hike on them so bad. Personally, Anacapa looks like it would have the best views. Halla from NJ! ~Conor

  9. Check out Zion National Park: it’s in Utah (so super desert-y), and it’s so beautiful, like the desert is incomprehensibly gorgeous until you go. Sunset is most beautiful there, I think, because the sun saturates the already red desert to a deep ruby red, with golden highlights and undertones. It’s no fertile canyon, but definitely top 3 places I’ve ever been. It’s well worth the trip.

  10. it looks gorgeous

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