July 21, 2017
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Will Shepherd

Growing up in Crawfordville, Florida, Will comes from “good ol’ boy” country. Overalls and cut-off shorts were kind of his thing and his pockets were filled to the brim with Pokemon cards, each one in a plastic, protective sleeve, mind you. Oh, and shoved in there somewhere was a Gameboy Color.

Elementary school was awful, where Will made mediocre grades because he spent more time reading Harry Potter and Goosebumps than he did paying attention in class. It was the only distraction from the torment he received for being different, like being kicked on the playground or being set on fire on the school bus. Middle school was much the same, except for better grades and a huge growth spurt to 6’1”. But it was high school where he really flourished, choosing to come out and molding his group of friends that he had had for years.

After graduating third out of 265 from Wakulla High School in 2007, Will started his Bachelor’s in Mathematics at The Florida State University, quickly picking up a second major in Statistics. All was well until 2008, when his right lung collapsed for the first time, then again almost a year later. After emergency surgery it became apparent, due to growing familial tension, that Will needed to move out, and the only place to go was his maternal grandmother’s house. Things didn’t work out there due to lack of space, so Will then moved in with his brother.

Life was great with his brother, until Will was forced out of the closet to his father. Then shit hit the fan, and Will moved in with a recently-made friend, R.J. Aguiar, while looking for a place to live. He found a place with a friend of his, and Will and R.J. developed a relationship closer than they could have imagined.

The rest is on YouTube.


January 6th

Crawfordville, Florida


Life of Pi, Harry Potter, Call Me By Your Name, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Tolstoy, Sedaris, Garcia Marquez, (this is kind of a big question)

Matilda, Devil Wears Prada, My Cousin Vinny, Dead Poets Society, The Birdcage

TV Shows
Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace, House, Brothers and Sisters, Queer as Folk, Six Feet Under

Video Games
anything Zelda, Super Smash Bros., or Pokemon


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