July 23, 2017
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Why The Daily Vlogs Are Ending

Why The Daily Vlogs Are Ending

Okay, so we realize that today is probably a sad day for a lot of you, considering that we just broke the news…no more daily vlogs. We knew for quite some time that our wedding would probably be the final daily vlog that we post. After all, how often does life give you moments that feel like the series finale to a TV show? It seemed like a perfect opportunity to end stuff on a high note and leave everyone feeling hopeful and positiveĀ instead of sad.

But still, I’m sure a lot of you guys would like to know why the daily vlogs are ending, even after watching the announcement video. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen it, here it is:

So yeah, like we said, the daily vlogs were always meant to be a temporary project. Those of you who have been around from the very, very beginning know that they were originally supposed to last one month. Then it was two months. Then one year. And then, before we knew it, we were starting year number five without any end in sight. And we have you guys to thank for that. Seriously. The daily videos were literally you guys’ idea from the very beginning. We embarked on our first month of doing it thinking that no one was going to be interested in watching. Or worse yet, we thought it was going to tank the channel, since we thought people wouldn’t like us spamming their feed each and every day. We’re happy to say that we were dead wrong. Once the love and the comments and the traffic and the letters started coming in, we knew we were on to something.

But like we said: you can only post the same kind of video, day in and day out, for so long before things start to get a little redundant. We get that that’s why a lot of you guys liked our videos, because watching our routines helped give you guys a sense of routine. But for us, the entire process was starting to get mind-numbing. To wake up every morning and edit together yet another video of Will going to the office and me running errands and playing with Dobby and going to the gym…and then try to think of an interesting title and find an engaging thumbnail…and then posting a video to only start that entire process all over again… It got to the point where it felt more like a chore than something we enjoy. And it was made doubly difficult by the fact that we couldn’t go anywhere without our camera, or even spend too many hours without recording. We’d find ourselves leaving places and going, “Shit, did we record at all? Well we have to record something. Hold on, let me get the camera out…”

But remembering to record was only part of the struggle. As we started sharing more and more with our videos, a lot of people started to feel like they were entitled to make comments and judgements based on what they saw. Make no mistake, you should always be ready for feedback whenever you post in a public forum. But some took it to a new and pretty excessive level. Critiquing a video is one thing. Making comments about how “Will doesn’t deserve RJ. Will’s been gaining weight. He’s so fat and bitchy. RJ should just leave him…” and so and and so forth. Not okay. And then there were the select few who would take it upon themselves to take the stuff that we revealed in videos and try to use it to invade our privacy. We’ve had people hop our fence before. We’ve had people try to post our address before. We’ve had people try to steal our banking information before. We’ve had people attack our home network before. So instead of it being a daily struggle to remember to record, it became this daily struggle to share enough, but not too much, and to try to keep some sense of privacy intact.


Add to this the fact that we both deal with anxiety disorders, and things started to get even harder. If we didn’t have something interesting to post every single day, we’d put our channel at risk. Not to mention that the intense scrutiny that comes with posting your life every single day is a pretty tall order for two people trying to tackle PTSD. I can’t speak for Will, but I know that I spent many hours in therapy sessions trying to cope with all the pressure and anxiety that came with not only posting 7-8 videos a week, but also with constantly trying to make content that was interesting for people to watch.

But I don’t want to make it seem like we didn’t enjoy daily vlogging at all. For all of it’s headaches, there were also times when it was an absolute blast. There were so many moments that we had that mean that much more to us because we got to share them. And a lot of our own personal struggles have been that much more meaningful too, since sharing them has given us a chance to help others. And let’s of course not forget all the love that we’ve gotten from you guys from all over the world. So many of you guys made it a point to send your love and gratitude. And to be honest, that has kept us going for as long as we have. Seriously. Every time we asked ourselves “why the hell are we doing this”, the answer has always been “because we’re trying to help people.

But then we hit another obstacle. One that prompted us to start looking for ways to move our community away from YouTube. A lot of you are familiar with the algorithm change they made some time ago. If you watched my “YouTube Has Changed” video, you already have an idea of what I’m talking about (skip to 4:32):

This algorithm change has made it so much harder for us to keep reaching people and keep our community intact. A lot of you guys were even complaining about how our videos weren’t being delivered to your sub boxes. Some people had even turned notifications on and still weren’t getting them. Suddenly we were fighting with two hands tied behind our backs, all because our format doesn’t play nice with the way they run their site anymore. If our goal was to help people, YouTube was making it so the number of people we reached kept getting smaller, and we didn’t want to see that happen.

But the thing is, there are so many new ways that we can be helpful to you guys and build our community. Not to mention that, after all this time, we’re itching to make other types of videos for once. Will we still make vlogs? Of course, from time to time and when interesting things happen. And in the meantime, we can post other types of videos that we’ve always wanted to do. Not to mention that we have other projects beyond YouTube that we want to work on. And since daily vlogging is so time consuming, we haven’t really been able to pursue many of those.

So while I’m sure that a lot of you guys see this news as sad news, I hope that you guys will soon feel as excited by our new direction as we are. Like we said before, we’ll still be sharing our days on Snapchat (@rj4gui4r and @shep689), and we’ll still be posting content daily on all of our various platforms, and also on here! So while you may not see us on YouTube every day, know that we’re still here and we aren’t going anywhere.


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RJ is a blogger/vlogger/writer and the other half of the NotAdamandSteve duo. When he's not making videos or writing stuff online he's usually working out, traveling, telling you factoids you never asked for, working out, or spending quality time with his new husband and German Shepherd.


  1. I feel like my favorite show was just cancelled. I will miss the daily Vlogs. I am saddened people went to such great lengths to shatter your privacy. Will miss you guys. Please be sure to share videos of Dobby.

    • Seriously though, it feels like we suddenly got the news that the Gilmore Girls reboot won’t be happening at all. Or your favorite show just got cancelled out of nowhere when you were waiting for another season.

      At least we got the happy ending we deserved, though it does seem hollow. No after honeymoon love or anything.

  2. Sebastien Fletcher-West

    Of course it’s a little sad that things are changing but after five years of doing this i’m sure it would get monotonous. After watching you guys for 3 years, (something like that) traveling across the country, across Europe. It’s been an amazing journey, for the both of us. I’m certainly not the same guy i was when i started watching, TBH i wasn’t a guy back then, and you guys aren’t the same either. I’ve seen you become happier and its helped me realize my happiness. i guess my point is although its sad, you guys will be happy. Which makes me happy. so you do you and i’ll be there every step of the way.

  3. Francine Powers

    Now that everything is out and was explained so beautifully and detail,I feel so much better.I didn’t say happy,I just understand and want you two to be happy and well and Perdue your dreams.Two things,share Dobby pictures and news frequently and you two Love and support each other always.I will miss the good items to be honest.Thsnk you for the wedding. love you both always

  4. Thomas Hirschmann

    I’m excited! Whatever you do with your channels in the future, have fun doing it. The more passion flows into your content, the more we’ll enjoy it :))

  5. Francine Powers

    Autocorrect didn’t happen.perdue was supposed to be persue and I meant to say I am going to miss the goodnites

  6. I’m really gonna miss the goodnights and the routine but I’m sure that many other traditions will be made. Even though this is really shocking and I cried a little, I’m really excited to see what happens next!

  7. Alexis Airi Tsukino

    I really understand it. As you RJ said in one of the vlogs – when Nick and Ken decided to stop daily vlogging – “as a viewer I’m not entilted to their life”. There are some people who are going to go nuts because of your decision – I just really hope it won’t affect you. I just can say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your daily life and I really can’t wait to see new videos when you’re reinspired to make them.
    Love you Will and RJ šŸ™‚

  8. Rebecca Bireley

    It’s all good. We all grow up and things change. You and Will are people way beyond daily vlogs. As long as you’re both happy, healthy, and say hi every once in a while then that’s all we could ask for. <3

  9. DonĀ“t worry about us. We are very very happy for you. As I wrote on the vlog, just be patient with us. ThereĀ“s going to be sadness, anxiety and an abstinence syndrome. But at the end, if you are happy, we are happy. Congratulations for your new life as husbands and your new projects. ThatĀ“s always exciting!!
    I didnĀ“t realize you had to endure so much as people stalking you. ThatĀ“s part of being famous I suppose, but still very scary. Sorry about that.
    Hope to see you soon…wherever…

  10. Mackenzie Ansin

    I feel as if the chapter of the daily v-logs just started. As if we still heard how fun the “Drunk Will” is and how he will forget the next night. Like if Kasey still lived with you. As if R.J still took B.S comments from Will. Like how every time R.J talked Will would respond with “Shut up!” I know this chapter may be over. But this was like my routine, like if you guys were my personality. I even got my self saying “I’m not a controlling bitch!” I’m not saying I’m angry or sad, I’m just not ready. To get myself ready I’m gonna re-watch the v-logs, and stop the anxiety of you leaving. I’m not gonna leave this world…until my favorite YouTube channel vanishes into the depths of the universe…

    – Your Shepsexuial Mackenzie Ansin

  11. Yes, of course I was sad about this at first. But to be honest, it seems a lot more positive now that I’ve thought about it. I loved the vlogs, but I think I’ll be able to live without new ones every day. I mean if I miss them there’s years worth to go back and watch. It was you guys, Will and Rj, that were the reason I watched the vlogs every day. You guys, and your personalities, and the way you helped me was the reason that I love all of your content so much. And as long as you’re not completely disappearing, which you’ve made it clear you’re not, I’m happy. Now, you can have less stress. We may even be able to appreciate the content more since we won’t get it as often. I’m excited for you to be able to create more content that you will be proud of and passionate about. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this community. ?

  12. Totally understand why you guys need to take so many steps back from daily vlogging. It seems exhausted. Fun and rewarding, but exhausting. I’m glad you were able to make this decision so you can better focus on yourselves and the other projects you are passionate about! Looking forward to what you guys share with us in the future. And best of luck with it all of course. šŸ™‚

  13. Ronald Conception

    Agreed. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” G. B. Shaw

  14. Think of it it as a…. series finale, with the wedding split into the final 3 episodes in a way.

    I think because I always view the daily vlogs as something that was always temporary and never permanent, it’s not something that has me super upset. Even as someone who remembers the days prior to the “one month” daily vlog challenge Will proposed at that time, to something that has blossomed into something that has created such a community… it’s truly amazing. I also knew at some point it would end, and with the wedding, it honestly just felt like the right time… to go out on a high note, a positive exclamation point. Just feels right.

    Sure, you can drag it into the ground forever, but where’s the authenticity? For me, it all feels right, all feels appropriate.

    I can’t wait to see what comes next from both of you. Enjoy this time together. You truly only live once. : )

  15. I have so enjoyed watching your vlogs since I found your channel last August and have now gone back to watch from the start of the daily vlogs. As much as I will really miss tuning in daily, I totally understand your reasons and very much look forward to seeing what the future brings across your various platforms. All the best. James

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