July 23, 2017
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Wet House Clothing

Wet House Clothing

whlogoWhen I first heard about Etsy, I was itching for a chance to scour the site for shops that could feed my desire to splurge on new and unique accessories and items of clothing. That itch shortly went away, though, since I quickly became overwhelmed with the intimidatingly wide array of selections and possibilities. Not to mention that a lot of the stuff on there seemed a little bit too…home grown for me.

Instead, I found Aaron’s shop kind of by accident. I was listlessly scrolling through my Instagram, blowing past various shots by friends, family, photographers, models, the occasional porn star…and giving scattered double-taps as I went. This was during Mardi Gras, which just so happens to be a huge deal for the gay community in Australia. Consequently, I happened to be following this one guy who was attending Mardi Gras festivities in Sydney, to which he decided to wear a neon tank top emblazoned with the phrase “GAY AS FUCK”. I chuckled. I even wondered to myself if I could get such a shirt. I have a pretty eclectic sense of style, and I love incorporating particularly subversive and eye-catching elements every once in a while. As luck would have it, homeboy gave a shout out to Wet House in one of his captions. All it took was a quick Google search and I found myself in the online shop.

il_570xN.364577936_owqzI was very pleased with what I saw. Sure, not every shirt was my cup of tea, but as I scrolled through page after page, I repeatedly found myself thinking “I’d totally buy that”. I decided to splurge on something, especially since Playlist Live was fast approaching and I wanted something particularly gay to wear. I finally found his “Lucifer Vuitton” pattern and absolutely fell in love. It was gay and a just little bit sacrilegious. If a Westboro Baptist Church member were to see me wearing it, they’d immediately shout “See! There’s one! God hates you, you sinning faggot!” I had to have it. There was only one thing holding me back. The shop only offered the pattern in a crew neck, and I (for some reason) was dead set on a tank top.

Luckily, I was able to shoot Aaron a message and ask if he did custom prints, to which he issued a speedy reply that it was no problem (provided I still chose from certain available colors and styles). Long story short, homeboy was able to fix me up and have it to me in time for me to wear it to Playlist. He didn’t just do that for me because I’m some sort of VIP (news flash: I’m not). Should you want a design of his in a different color or on a different garment, he’ll do his best to make it happen.

Wet House is a small, full service printer in Detroit. According to Aaron, who runs the Etsy shop, it’s a relatively small operation: him, his dog, and some other friends. It’s just one of many “hand craft” operations that are growing out of that area. I know because he and his friends have even made a video tracing the origins of their little shop:

WET HOUSE – Detroit Crafted from Bill Meese on Vimeo.

So feel free to follow the link below and check out their shop. I know I’ll be back the next time I’ve got a little money to burn…


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  1. Great article about such a great store! My friend loves this kind of thing and he flipped when I shot him the link. My only question is why the article is on here twice? (grrr website typos).

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