July 23, 2017
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I just finished watching this movie for the second time and it’s one of those movies where my opinion on it actually changed after seeing it again. My initial reaction was that I didn’t like it – but I think that’s because I was expecting a happy ending and that’s certainly not what you’re given (or maybe you are, now that I think about it… who knows). Since that first watch, my views have changed.

If I had to describe the moving in one word, I would probably use honest. Very honest. Overly honest. The characters could be real people walking around anywhere and the plot was so realistic. It follows the encounter of Russell after he picks up what he expects to be a one night stand, Glen. What he doesn’t anticipate is to have a connection with Glen and it follows the course of the weekend they spend together.

(It didn’t occur to me until now how many similarities there are between the encounter of these two guys and my encounter with RJ. *gets goosebumps*)

I really do love the message though; the idea that anyone can waltz into your life and change it no matter what your intentions and how you cope with it. You see the difference in views from the conversations between Russell and Glen and you’re constantly wondering, who’s right? The person who’s cautious and safe or the one who brazen and detached. The person who’s quiet or the one who’s honest. Holy shit… it is me and RJ.

I don’t really know why I didn’t like it the first time around. I remember my argument being that the ending was sad, but my favorite gay novel is Call Me By Your Name which has a similar ending. But, like Call Me By Your Name, not all stories have a happy ending. Maybe I’m too quick to call it a non-happy ending; it’s more of an honest, open-ended ending than anything.

Point is, I think you should try it out. It’s won a shit ton of awards and for good reason. You can check it out on Amazon here, to see more ratings.

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Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. the acting (or should i say improvisation) in this film was so wonderfully done it just made it amazing i love this film a lot

    • yeah i noticed that too. seemed like a lot of the scenes were really just the two guys interacting as their characters without much script.

      • I poked around a bit after I saw the movie, and apparently a lot of the dialogue was improvised during the shoot. It’s brilliantly performed!

  2. I watched this once and fell in love with it immediately. It really does remind me of you guys in multiple ways (one of the reasons I love it). It truly is honest and I think it’s something that most people experience in their lives. It’s amazing how everything can be changed so quickly by someone and you can be enamored by them.

    I thought of the ending as more open ended than sad. Like most people in that type of situation, he tried running from it, but his feelings got the best of him (in a good way). I also hate sad endings. We get enough BS in real life, I don’t need to watch a movie to make me even more depressed!

    I think it’s something about the normalcy that makes me like it so much. Kinda like you guys!

  3. Claudio Gutierrez

    I really loved this movie and since the first time i saw it a bit over 2 months ago i’ve rewatch it i think 3 times… there’s something about the real feeling the actors provide that speaks to me… the best Word to describe it, as will said, is Honest. I really loved how you can identify with them so easily. In my case to Glenn, who was so close out to love at the beggining that he needed this guy to get in and change him. I really like your idea of doing reviews for LGBT films. If you haven’t already you should watch Shelter (is my all time favorite… i think because this one actually has a happy ending). And if you are interested do a review on “Thirteen minutes or so” is a brilliant short film. I’m sure you will enjoy.

  4. Will you should watch ‘Prayers for bobby’ ….. film had me crying for about 4 hours after the fact. One of the most emotional gay films iv ever seen

  5. This movie is fantastic, really happy to see you write about it, more people definitely should see it. This movie also introduced me to musician John Grant, as his track ‘Marz’ is used over the closing credits. I felt this song perfectly accompanies the bittersweet ending and I urge anyone reading to check out his work, especially his debut album ‘Queen of Denmark’ from which this track is taken. Anyway just thought I’d mention that, keep the reviews coming

  6. One of my favorite films of all time.

  7. This is one of my favorite LGBT movies. My absolute favorite is “Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves”. It’s a Swedish TV-series in 3 parts about when AIDS came to Stockholm. It’s so good and I was looking around for a American-region DVD but I could only find a British one. But I’ll keep looking out for it, so I can send it to you. Unless you have a region-free DVD player?

    Love the new site and i hope you will continue to write about movies and other stuff.

    Love from David in Sweden!

  8. I love this movie too. And I felt the same way – at first it was very off-putting and left me feeling pretty upset (shed a tear or ten) but after seeing it a second time you come to realise how accurate a portrayal and honest the story is. The characters and feelings and interactions all seem quite genuine and almost unscripted. Love it.

  9. When I first saw the movie, I was a fan of the realistic portrayal. It’s one of my favorites, and I think it’s the intimacy that really makes the movie: it’s simple and mundane but also elevated in that way. I’m slightly bothered by the excessive use of drugs in the film, however.
    Also, Call Me By Your Name is one of my favorite all-time books. The endings are actually kind of similar in that it’s not what you might have been hoping for initially. Film to novel, I can see parallels, so it’s not surprising that I’m such a big fan of either. I never thought of the message of people coming and changing things in your life in this context before, but I definitely approve and would continue to circulate that message in relation.

  10. I LOVE this film. It’s one I can watch over and over again because the acting and writing is incredible. Tom Cullen and Chris New do a fantastic job and have amazing chemistry. The ending fits the story perfectly. Great choice of films to watch!

  11. Ive watched This and I Agree Its VERY Honest And Its Also a Great Film Of LGBT . Great Review

  12. I loved that movie all the way up to the end. There is so much sadness in the world that I like my movies to have happy endings but you’re right. This movie is probably more true to life than others. It might parallel you and RJ up to a point but yours ends and will end in a happy ending. I really believe that because even though you two are opposites, you’re on the same page and you’re honest with each other. I have never known another couple who has so much honesty and respect between them. I may not have met you in person but, it is really evident in your contact with each other that I have seen in the videos.

    I have watched this movie several times but have refused to watch the ending again ūüôā

    I also agree about people waltzing into your life and making such a huge impact. Y’all have done it to your followers and you have done it to RJ. I mean, the man claimed to be straight. He didn’t stand a chance.

    Can’t wait for your next review. Have you ever seen
    Les Chansons d’amour *Love Songs*? It’s a movie/musical. Really good.
    Lots of Love and hugs

  13. Nicolás Pourtalé

    I saw “out in the dark” Amazing movie. Then i watched this one an it felt like watching an episode of Skins UK to be honnest, Loved it tho.

  14. Watch “North Sea Texas” on Netflix. It is in Dutch with captions, but its one of the deepest LGBT movies that I’ve seen out there.

  15. I got that DVD quite a long time. And I didn’t like the ending either. But now I think, that I should definitely watch it again. And maybe I can change my opinion about it too.

  16. Even though the ending wasn’t the happy ending I liked the movie anyway.

  17. One of my friends recommended me this movie and I loved it so much, I felt the acting was great and the storyline, as you mentioned, wasn’t as far fetched as your typical Romantic Comedy.
    I was pretty excited when I saw you watching this in your Vlog with RJ.
    Great review!

  18. such a freaking great film. I loved how raw and real it was. It had a bitersweet, but in a way sweet endng. I loved every minute of and how their relationship bloomed only within 3 days. It’s crazy how you can meet someone and get so attached by just a few conversations. Great film and I would pretty much recommend it to everyone ahaha.

  19. Bittersweet is a good word for it. However, I don’t think of it really as an unhappy ending… I mean, they do part ways (although we don’t know for how long), but they both learned from their short time together and developed as people. I see it very much as them both moving forward in their lives in very significant ways, which is very positive! Actually, thinking about it now reminds me of something I think I’ve heard Dan Savage say – just because the relationship was short doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful.

  20. Try “Come Undone” it is French, known as Presque Rien, not a direct translation the french actually means almost nothing. A few years old now but it is beautifully shot, very much has the existential ending.

  21. Fudge. I haven’t finished watching the movie. And I started reading the post not knowing what it was about. And now I know the movie is gonna bum me out. I’ll still finish but I might need some Kleenex now.

  22. @Shep689 I’ll add that to my list. On a lighter note, have you ever seen “Make the Yuletide Gay?” It’s a little corny, but it’s a new favorite of mine (and quite seasonally appropriate!).

  23. I finally got to watch the movie and I really liked it. Like you said, the characters felt really genuine and I felt like I was watching real people. I kinda liked the ending, it was bittersweet but I think they both made each other become a better person. My favorite LGBT movie still remains Shelter. You should check it out sometime.

    I was also wondering if you & RJ plan on watching the new gay dramedy Looking. I’ve had the opportunity to see a screener of the first episode and I have a feeling you guys might like it.

  24. GREAT MOVIE! it is because of this movie that me and my boyfriend were able to meet! Also just pointing out a typo in the 2nd paragraph “If I had to describe the moving in one word” I believe it should be “If I had to describe the movie in one word” unless i’m reading it wrong lol

  25. I really enjoyed this movie. I was sitting at home bored and was like I really need a good movie to watch and then I was like wait I bet if I go to Will + Rj’s website they will have a good movie for me to watch. At first I had the se reaction Will did but later in the movie I relized wow this is a pretty good movie. Thank you so much for all the time you two take to make your videos. I love you two so much and wish you two the best of luck.

    P.S. Keep posting good movies I think imma need them if they keep canceling school because of the snow. Lol

  26. This movie is the best! ‚ô•

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