June 27, 2017
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This Is Who I Am. Not What I Am.

This was absolutely too awesome to not share.

Tré Melvin runs a (hugely successful) YouTube channel called ThisIsACommentary and, like his channel name suggests, makes a few statements about coming out as bisexual. Coming out is difficult, coming out as bisexual is even moreso, but coming out to a YouTube audience of nearly 2M who expects you to act a particular way, potentially polarizing his subscribers and tempting them to leave over something they don’t understand and something you can’t change? That’s a lot of pressure. Go over and give him some love, he deserves it.

I have so much respect for people coming out who make it known that sexuality shouldn’t be an issue. Who you have sex with shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern, unless you’re having sex with them. Tré puts it quite eloquently:

This shouldn’t be a big fucking deal but unfortunately society makes it a big fucking deal.

Maybe one day we’ll stop worrying about what people do in their bedrooms. Mad respect for Tre Melvin for coming out to a potentially very unsupportive audience.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. i love tre melvin he’s cool

  2. He just gained a new subscriber. That gave me goosebumps.

  3. one more Subscriber, that was dare I say it perfect

  4. ☯Ashanti(troyler)☯

    So glad you posted about him. Not only did I subscribe bc his videos are awesome but is is the best coming out story I’ve seen. He’s so brave and incredibly emotional and I think it’s evident that he does care about his viewers and wants to keep the same relationship with them but also won’t let anything stop him from being himself which i absolutely admire. Love that he points out that he is the same person and the only reason being gay or bi is a problem is bc society thinks so and society isn’t right. As well as anyone who does unsubscribe bc of this bit of new info, wasn’t a true subscriber to begin with

  5. He just got another subscriber! I’m utterly speechless and i’m glad he addressed the fact that some days he didn’t want to wake of because he would have to face the comlications of todays modern society. I honestly and whole heartedly don’t want to sound rude but i feel that making a video to explain your sexuality shouldn’t be neccessary and Tre is an incredible person for making that video and not caring because his real supporters will stand by him. Anyone in relation to social media should try and take a moment to talk about modern society and suicide because in the uk, numbers of suicide has risen because many feel that they have no future and nothing to stride for. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Tre’s commentary is vivid and comprehensive. It is difficult to select and highlight any one particular message other than to agree wholeheartedly that his talents and achievements are high and varied – and that his bisexuality is not a diminishment, but an enhancement of that.

  7. Tre Melvin is amazing before this he will always make me happy support goes out to him. Be proud of who you are.

  8. Rhiannan Fletcher-West

    Another subscriber here man that was beautiful!! made me cry!

  9. What a fucking awesome dude. I have no clue how I’ve never heard of him before, but I’m glad I’ve found out now.
    Let’s hope bi-phobia slows down, from both the gay and straight community.

  10. This is amazing! It’s so encouraging for him to come out to an audience that may not be there for him anymore. I really hope to gain the courage he has to come out someday. I really do.

  11. Sad that being bi is so foreign to some people, even some people in the gay community sadly.

  12. WOW!! Soooooo powerful!!!

  13. OMG! This made me cry and he just got another subscriber.

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