July 23, 2017
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Our NotAdamAndSteve shop has returned!


At long last, one of our favorite aspects of the site has returned! The Not Adam And Steve shop is back!! You guys have no idea how much work this was behind the scenes. Holy crap. This was originally only a month or two in the making. Next thing we knew, six months had gone by and we were still working on this. And while our work on the shop still isn’t 100% complete, we’ve decided to pull the trigger on relaunching our shop, since you guys have had to wait entirely to long already.

So in the interest of time and quality, our shop has now officially joined the District Lines family! Those of you who have been around since the very early days (before we had even started this site) know that we actually had our first ever merchandise shop on District Lines. But then, after a while, decided that we would be able to do a better job if we began running the shop ourselves. It seemed like a good idea at the time, since we were only really selling a handful of shirts at a time. Not to mention that all the shirts were being digitally printed on demand, which means that it was taking people over a month to finally receive their shirts after they were ordered. In our opinion, if we were able to print shirts ahead of time and keep them at the house, then we’d be able to drastically cut down on the price of stuff and the time it would take to send it to people.


This adorable Happy rainbow shirt design is back! You know, the one that “inspired” a similar design from Target?

But then something happened that we didn’t expect: you guys came out in force. Before long, we were getting hundreds of orders within a couple of days. You guys made it RAIN, and it got to the point where we literally couldn’t keep stuff stocked for longer than a couple of days. This was both awesome and not awesome. It was great in that it meant you guys really liked our stuff. It was not awesome in that things quickly got past the point where we could keep up. When it’s just one or two people trying to meet the demands of hundreds, it can easily start eating up all of your time, since you have to handle everything on the administrative and technical end, as well as the design and manufacturing end and the fulfillment and customer service end. When we first set everything up, we were still thinking that we’d only be getting a dozen or so orders per week. And with you guys supporting so many of our new designs so enthusiastically, we kept wanting to introduce more and more new designs, but we had absolutely no space to expand.

Before long, it came down to a pretty big decision: either we were going to have to start an actual company where we leased office space and hired employees, or we were going to have to hand our shop back over to someone. Just like the daily vlogs, it was becoming apparent that, if we wanted to do things properly on our own, then we likely wouldn’t have time for much else. That’s when our old friends at District Lines came to the rescue. Fortunately for us, they’ve made a lot of improvements since we’ve last worked with them. So all of our previous concerns that we’ve had with them have been addressed, which is great. The bad news is that you guys won’t be getting stuff that’s shipped directly from us anymore. But the trade off is that you guys will be getting much higher quality customer service from a full time staff, and not two overworked twenty-somethings who are busy trying to do a dozen things at once. Also, all you international peeps won’t have to pay so much for shipping!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 7.34.12 PM

Did we mention that Own Your Happiness is on a tank now? Just in time for summer!

We’re still going to be the ones doing all the designing and the artwork, so everything is still coming from us. But our main concern is getting you guys the best quality in a timely manner without charging an arm and a leg. And with District Lines taking over again, you guys won’t have to worry about having to place orders within certain time frames since we’re going out of town or something. Just one quick word about the shop that’s up right now: that shop page is a temporary one. District Lines is designing us a much nicer shop page that more closely matches the aesthetic of our site. But since that takes time to do, they gave us a standard shop page so that you guys didn’t have to wait for much longer.

So get excited! Our shop is back! And we’ve also just restocked the Own Your Happiness baseball tees and also introduced tank tops! So click the link in the top bar to go there now! Thanks so much for your patience and we hope you guys like all the stuff we’ll be introducing on there before long 😉

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  1. Yaaaaas! The ships back. So excited.

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