June 27, 2017
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The Greater Good

Well well well, looks like there’s another Harry Potter fan film recently released on YouTube. This one, unlike OMEn Chronicles, actually depicts a part of the story created by JK Rowling, specifically the parting of the ways between Dumbledore and Grindewald. I won’t criticize too much out of fear of swaying your opinion, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions – though I must say I was rather impressed.

One thing real quick: relashio releases a captive. I couldn’t let that go. Okay I’m done.

If you haven’t checked out our own Harry Potter inspired short film, check it out below:

Which one do you like better? (OURS DUH.) Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. They pitched me on it for JoesDaily.com. Just wasn’t feeling it as much. Still a great idea!


  3. Well OMEn was obviously better, especially in the fight scenes. I also have a boat load of respect for you guys for coming up with such a cool story that is so separate from the Harry Potter. Great job and I can’t wait to see more!

  4. It took me a lot more patience to watch till end. But considering it as a fan video and all hard works behind it, I will appreciate their try. Unlike OMEn, which I watched 50 times in a day, and still watch now and then. It’s not because I like you both much, because it was REALLY well made except the acting part. Which I know will be more improved next time and more awesome. OMEn actually had the thing to hook you in.

  5. I agree with Sjczz. An amazing effort and much respect for their work. It simply doesn’t hold up to OMEn very well. I also like your original concept for a story that was based in the world, but not part OF the H.P. series.

  6. Being realistic, it is good. Whoever edited it and made the special effects is really talented. BUT the acting was so blah!

    I obviously liked yours better and enjoyed it a lot because I know how passionate you guys are about it. And you guys were a bit more believable..

    Not to mention that I’ve watched it non stop since it’s release, and I think I know the whole script, lol. But yeah you guys rock! It’s not bad tho, but since I’m a fan of you guys I liked yours better 😉 and even if I weren’t a fan I would probably like it a lot.

  7. For one thing RJ makes a better badass. It was put together very well but it was a bit slow. It’s also not something I’d watch again since I’ve seen it. Omen, however, I’ve watched about 4 or 5 times already. The editing job was spot on and the special effects were good but so are the ones in Omen. Y’all need to do more acting.

  8. Laura Aleman Striplin

    The first portion of the acting by the Grindewald actor was a bit overdone, but evened out and ended up being appropriate for the scene. A decision had to be made by Dumbledore of whether or not to continue on the path where Grindewald was leading them both and when Grindewald made the choice to demand in anger something of the man he did love, you could see the beginnings of heartbreak in Dumbledore’s eyes. The decision had to be made, but the way it was forced caused heartbreak for both of them. We have all said things in anger, while simultaneously knowing we truly didn’t feel that way. I think that is what happened with Grindelwald in this film short and when read between the lines in the actual work of JK Rowling. Both shorts were fantastic, but spoke of two very different things, so I am unable to pick a fave, because both were wonderful.

  9. Ehh. Not that great. The music wasn’t as good. The action made me sleep. I had to skip around looking for some impressive thing. I’d say solid effort. Just not as good as yours.

  10. Alberto Hernandez

    It was good. I like OMEN better. Wren did an AMAZING job with the effects. These effects were good but after seeing Wren’s I can’t enjoy any other quality. Plus the acting in OMEN was movie quality.

  11. Amelia Clapper Flynn

    There’s was really good, a good interpretation of of that scene. the special effects were good, but the OMEn’s were better. It really annoyed me too that they incorrectly used relashio, the spell is incarcerous! OMEn so over all better.

  12. It’s fairly good, and I loved that it covered that scene well. Effects wise, however, Wren’s work was much better. Overall, I also think OMEn felt better 🙂

  13. I liked omen chronicles better. The fight scenes were more intense and believable in a Harry potter world. I give the greater good props though.

  14. I’m probably in a minority, but I actually like BOTH The OMEn Chronicles and The Greater Good equally….

    We can talk about the spectacular-ness that is Wren’s visual effects skills (because they ARE SIMPLY AMAZING) and the overall premise of OMEn, but something about The Greater Good had me captivated as well…. I could never put my finger on it, but it’s there.

    The concept of OMEn is pretty awesome, in that it’s an original storyline based in the HP Universe; it leaves so much room for further expansion there’s no doubt this could be expanded on if possible. But…. The Greater Good tells a story from within the HP Universe, that between Dumbledore & Grindelwald, in a pretty neat way, and also is pretty awesome.

    Basically, they’re both pretty fantastic. As Laura commented below (above? below? IDK) they’re two different things, so it’s hard to rate between the two.

    • yeah they’re both HP fan films so i have to say i’m a fan of both too. 🙂

    • I agree with your sentiment. I LOVED both but for different reasons. The acting in TGG was fantastic and had the benefit of experienced actors. Whereas the first half for the effects I didn’t like as much. Part of the problem is that I don’t think HP has the spell lore depth to do cool action scenes but that’s probably part of a larger discussion.

      For Omen, then strengths were in the special effects and the awesome story. I’d be interested in a joint video 😀

  15. Pretty much agree with @anthonysnyder:disqus

  16. Thanks for the kind words, guys! I dug Omen Chronicles but I have to say GG is better. Why? Cause its my film!!!

    (runs away)

  17. Wren’s effects were miles better. Clearly a lot more polished and carefully constructed. You guys did a better job, The Omen Chronicles is much better. Just my opinion

  18. I enjoy them both; though I think the Omen Chronicles is much stronger in cinematography and special effects. I do think The Greater Good makes better use of their actors and dialogue for moving each scene, though they do have the luxury of creating a larger story from existing information rather than creating something entirely new.

    Still; pretty damned amazing job on both.

  19. I love them both!

  20. I’d say that GG has great music. Good acting. Great choice of actors. They captured Albus and Gellart really well from the photos from the films.

    I would say that the biggest failure of this film short is that it fails to convey how Albus feels for Gellart. He was in love with him. He would have followed him to the ends of the earth. When you realize that the love of your life is evil and unredeemable. The internal strife would tear you apart.

    Albus should be played more emotionally. More desperately. Messy. He would have been in tears. He would have been fighting to save his love from what he was planning on doing.

    He would have tried to change things. It wouldn’t have been calm and collected. It would be messy and violent.

    It’s perhaps ironic that this story might have been better written by Will and AJ because of their understanding of what it is like to be in love and the strife and struggle with being gay.

  21. GG had the advantage of extra information, although I always assumed that scene was in a dark room, not a beach. And they didn’t have a kiss between Albus & Gelert like I thought there was -it’s been years since I’ve read the books so I may be mistaken. It also had stronger acting.
    However I still prefer the OMEn chronicles because of the special effects.

  22. Didn’t Albus kill her for the Elder wand?

    • that’s the whole thing up for discussion. Did he? He didn’t want to visit Gindelwald in his old age to find out if it was Albus or Gingelwald who did it.

  23. Jordan Robert John Mazzocato

    I like them both for very different reasons.

    For starters, both films go after a very big project and the succeed at doing it. If I had only seen one I would have thought it was the greatest thing on God’s green earth, but having seen both there are certain things that OMEn achieves better than the Greater Good and vice versa.

    Personally, I think that the script and the acting of The Greater Good was far more engaging than that of OMEn. I think as far as the acting is concerned, the accents that were used brought me to a familiar place as the HP series. There were also less actors in this than there were on OMEn so that might have had something to do with the quality as well. Less actors = less people to direct = more time to redo takes to get the perfect scene. When thinking about the script, one thing that stands out to me, again, is the instantaneous familiarity with the HP world. There were characters I already knew and subplots that were already set up for the writers. I imagine that made it a far more constrictive writing process but also a more focused one. I do think the OMEn did a good job in the script but I think that starting at ground zero as far as characters and plot was concerned was a bit to ambitious and the ideas didn’t feel well fleshed out.

    On the other hand, OMEn far succeeded The Greater Good in every single technical aspect. You name it about OMEn (as far as the tech is considered) and I liked it better. From the the location of the shot to the simply breath taking effects OMEn had a much clearer vision of the environment that they wanted to create for their film. Going back the environment/location of the shoot, I felt it was much much MUCH more expansive than that of TGG and really gave me that tingly “Big Hogwarts” feeling when I watched the fight scenes. I also think the location lent itself to much better lighting and much better fields for the actors to play on. Addressing the visual effects, all I can say is wow. I remember the first time I watched OMEn I thought it was borderline professional quality effects, and I sill hold this opinion. The effects were clean, consistent, and concise while the ones in TGG seemed muddled and “dirty” as it were. They definitely didn’t look nearly as professional nor nearly as thought out as those in OMEn.

    Even though I have these feelings about these films I feel that they both succeeded at what they were trying to do. I DO feels that OMEn was trying to make more of a visual spectacle than it was trying to make an amazing script. Conversely I feel that TGG was trying to really have amazing script for few actors to ensure the story was the highlight. However, I feel of that OMEn did a better job over all. Even though the script and the acting was great in TGG, it quickly turned into a lot of wand/magic fighting and completely lost me when I was watching.

    So! Good on you Will and RJ for knowing what you wanted out of the film, committing, and doing it seamlessly. If there’s ever a OMEn 2 (and dear God I hope there is) still put the same amount of time you did into the effects but maybe take a few more looks at the script and possibly consider having less actors.

    Wow that got way to long fast… Oh well… lol Love you guys!

    TLDR:: TGG had better plot and actors but ultimately failed to deliver the effects that the film needed. OMEn had a weaker plot but far succeeded TGG in their effects and fliming making it my favorite of the two.

  24. Clearly OC effects an obvious knockout. But in all honesty- The GG was a better all around offering, for me, this non harry fanatic. Something undefineable (silent opening, acting by Dumbledore actor, softness of GG color scheme – dunno) about GG that was initially satisfying and then kept me watching the entire short.
    Whereas …OC intrique mostly due initally to the will/rj involvement but continued watching for the badass special effects.
    Hence, both efforts applause worthy. But if made to choose without the threat of Wren-induced whammy, it would have to be GG

  25. I think this was a very good film and about equal to OMEn Chronicles in most respects (though Wren’s effects were far better). I’m curious about something though and I may be wrong since I haven’t read the books in a few years, but i thought the whole wands connecting thing was a really unusual. It happened in both of these shorts. It seemed to me it had to do with the fact that Harry and Voldemort and their respective wands were connected.Its a cool effect, but I’m curious what the books say about it.

  26. I like it 🙂 It’s a lot different from the Omen Chronicles, although some of the fighting scenes were reminiscent. I thought the sexual tension between Albus and Grindelwald was present but understated enough to address Albus’ conflicting emotions.
    In terms of criticism, I did not enjoy the voice overs that much, as there was an obvious disconnect – particularly at the start – between what you saw mouthed and what you heard. I understand that windy conditions make recording clean vocals hellish though :). There was also a bit of over acting, which I suppose wasn’t terrible and it smoothed out gradually as well.
    Overall, thoroughly enjoyable. In comparison, I think Wren’s special effect show more polish, and I prefer that Omen has a new setting which allows for a vastly different experience. Nevertheless, I’ll be rewatching this one some numerous times as well 🙂

  27. Acting in the GG is better but the special effects in the Omen is by far the best. Not to mention the action scenes in Omen were better because of the little things like how the wands were being held and the direction of the wands when spelling the opponent. In GG there are a few moments where they are fighting and the wands are being pointed upwards but the person in directly in front of them. Little things like that make a difference too.

  28. The acting for GG was superb! I love the English accents too and the fact that there are original HP characters in it to allow it to be more familiar and relatable. Music is amazing and cinematography. Overall, I GG was far more emotional which is great. I love Omen Chronicles and the script for that is brilliant and original. But I have to say Will, I loved GG more. Still love you both tons! Continue being so inspiring.

  29. Michael Berkshire

    Both films were awesome in their own right. I loved the ‘Greater Good’ simply on its expansion into Dumbledore’s story, it just added a bit to the canon of the Potter universe. Omen was great in expanding the Potter world and giving us something a bit familiar but fresh. Both film shorts had great FX, but I definitely give kudos to Wren since he was a one man visual effects team.
    My one criticism for both films, add some whimsy and humor next time. It’s a Potter film we need that wit along with the dramatic.
    Other than that I give two thumbs to Omen.

  30. I like both very much. However both have their pro n cons, the action in Omen is awesome, while i was a bit bored at first with GG, The actors in GG was better, whereas in Omen there was 1 or 2 lines which didnt seem believable, the script was great in Omen, but i didnt quite know what was going on in GG. However, both had wicked visual effect and background music.

  31. the other hp video is okay just took much talking !! so from 1-10 ill give it a 7…

  32. umm the greater good – sorry to say was terrible…
    the idea was good depicting a real part of harry potter and i could get over the fact that the graphics were not as good as OMEn (they didn’t even come close to the same quality) but come on, the acting was just bad

    Will and RJ have nothing to worry about your project was way better no debate about it.

  33. Uhh, Omen Chronicles is by far the best in my opinion. I mean, I guess I like the story of GG because it’s Albus and Gellert but still. I can’t get past the horrible looking wands and cheesy effects. I mean no spell in existence blows you back like that. I was laughing so hard when that stuff happened. I couldn’t take it seriously after that.:P

  34. Alfredo Hernandez

    Both films were good, BUT i have to say I noticed a bit of more flaws in G.G.
    I really like the story line in both which have lots of promise. I think that G.G. can be expanded greatly with twisted plots and actually at this very moment I am having ideas for both this and OMEn (because I’m an aspiring screenwriter and I just go crazy when I like what I watch).
    Albus’ character was a bit under emotional and I agree with Majertic when it comes to Albus’ love for Gellart.
    Overall I thought this was a good piece. Just practice more on blocking, being more aggressive on the dueling, and ensure that the actors remain in their same positions when changing camera angles. I think that both have potential and are unique so I don’t see why anyone would try and compare the two. I enjoyed watching this and I hope to see more of OMEn and G.G. 😀

  35. I like both!!! The GG it is more strong the characters and the story. The omen better effects more fight like american movie! Love the website Will xxx

  36. Omen Chronicles was by far my favorite. OK but I realize that I may be a tad bit biased. I love Will and RJ. But the people from the other film tried.

  37. I personally think that both look good; even though too different to compare, since yours is more like a next generation Harry potter thing, while theirs is closer to the J.K. Rowling’s writings, i believe that one could probably suggest that there were some things done better in one than the other and viceversa. For instance, the GG’s crew is quite attractive and their accent made them look even more appealing to me, but the effects used in some of the scenes were seriously over-drammatic and exaggerated, in my opinion; the script seemed good, as it contained lots of dramma, which kinda made me feel more involved with the characters within very few minutes; the graphic quality was excellent, in my opinion, as it was in the OMEn chronicles, after all. Now, the OMEn chronicles had stunning graphic effects; probably way better that the GG graphics. The script was simplistic, which could be considered a good thing, if the whole video is evaluated as the introduction of something bigger that would follow, but as a single project, like in the case of the GG video, i guess, it could have had a bit more depth and dramma to it; still, though, as improvisation put together in very short time, i’d say it looked very creative; the interpretations In the OMEn were generally good, even though some members of the crew did look more stiff while acting, than others; nevertheless, i consider all the roles as well executed. One of the WOW factors in the OMEn was RJ’s interpretation, whose performance was incredibly convincing and super appealing; he played a pretty great villain in the story; i found his performance, along with the ones of a couple of others, even better than the ones of the actors in the GG videos. Conclusively, i definitively enjoyed the OMEn chronicles; i liked it on fb,Youtube, shared on tumblr, passed it along to friends etc., and i thought it was a really great job! 🙂

  38. I like both just about the same. But a thing that irked me a bit was that in both films only half the actors where believable. the other people where sorta just reciting lines. I liked the Omen chronicles more because of the effects and story, but i liked the The greater good more because of the music and the action as well as the extremely believable acting from Grindelwald. So both are good, I guess?

  39. I LOVE this site and the daily vlogs on youtube, but I wasn’t much of a fan of GG and Omen. Both plots felt really dull, but Wren’s work on Omen was stellar…that dude has a gift.

  40. Not bad but I prefer Omen! And I was shocked when Dumbledore uses the wrong spell. Lol. It was suppose to be Incarcerous.

  41. Omen Chronicles and The Greater Good are both really good shorts. OC has an interesting script and amazing sfx. TGG has better acting, better apparition/disapparition effect (more hp-movie-like), and most important, a bit of action during the duels that OC lacks. of course I’m not talking of the shittyest part in which dumbledore and grindelwald fly everywhere

  42. This vid is the shit!!! Great job!!!

  43. The greater good video is good but sorry I prefer the omen chronicles!!

  44. My only comment I have about their video is I didn’t like the special-effects. I thought your guys his special-effects one more in the Harry Potter way.

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