June 27, 2017
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Grace and Frankie

Those of you who followed the daily vlogs closely know that we first got into Grace and Frankie last summer. We were on the hunt for a new comedy show to get into, and Netflix originals are always great for that, since you can binge multiple episodes in a single go. The bad part of that is that it usually doesn’t take ... Read More »

The Normal Heart

As you guys know from the videos, the good folks at HBO were kind enough to give us a screener of The Normal Heart days before it premiered. God knows why they saw fit to reach out to us, but I’m so happy that they did. I should also add that, when I first heard that Ryan Murphy was directing a ... Read More »


I don’t even think the question of whether or not we were going to review this show was up for debate. Ever since HBO first announced their show Looking, you guys have been asking for our opinion of it. Thing is, I don’t like to give my opinion on a TV show after watching only one or two episodes, especially if ... Read More »

Katie Couric Interviews Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox

If you pay any attention at all to LGBT news, you’ve probably already heard that Katie Couric recently featured two trans women on a recent episode of her daytime talk show. One was Drag Race alumnus turned female supermodel Carmen Carrera, and the other was Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox. You probably also know that the trans ... Read More »

House of Cards

I can, with relative certainty, that the question was never if I would end up watching House of Cards. It was always a matter of when. After all, they have been trying to adapt the original British series for American TV for years. It became a blip on my radar when I heard that Kevin Spacey was attached to produce ... Read More »

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I spent the entire summer of 2009 living in this tiny little Podunk town called Pine Mountain, Georgia. There’s a resort there called Callaway Gardens, and every summer, the FSU Flying High Circus sends 30 or so of its best and brightest to Callway to spend the summer as professional circus performers. The days at Callaway were absolutely jam-packed with ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life