May 28, 2017
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Bye-Bye, Biphobia

Ever since I started slowly coming out as bisexual to my friends, I’ve dealt with an onslaught of unintentional biphobia. Common comments I receive range from monossexism remarks about being “just a lesbian” or “just straight”, to the most hurtful, being told by a close friend that she doesn’t believe that bisexuality exists. Most people that I confront about their ... Read More »

Coming Out on Your Own Terms

Hi Will and Rj! First off I would like to start off my email by saying how much I love watching your videos. I found you guys through your valentine’s day video and have been watching since. What you two have is what I hope to have someday in the future. A serious and committed loving relationship. Alright lemme get ... Read More »

Rumor Has It…

I just began coming out thanks in no small part to your encouraging videos. In the process, as I’m sure a lot of people do, I told two of my friends who are also gay. Now they don’t hang out together much so one of them (lets call him Y) and I were extremely surprised when given the opportunity to ... Read More »

The “Bi” Question

“So i was wandering about the whole bisexual choice thing.You could have chosen to live a straight life.. have a wife and kids and all.  why didn’t you? I mean.. sure – being proud of who we are and all that is really important.. but the truth is that i can’t think of reason to choose the hard path. (when it ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life