July 23, 2017
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Restaurant 3 – Shophouse

In case you guys didn’t know already, RJ and I really love Chipotle. Turns out that Shophouse is the Asian version of Chipotle, so of course you guys recommended it and of course we had to try it out. When I walked into the restaurant, I literally thought it was Chipotle. The decorations and layout of the restaurant are very ... Read More »

Restaurant 2 – Blue C Sushi

The second restaurant RJ and I visited for our 2014 Restaurant Resolution was Blue C Sushi, our first conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It’s funny how we’ve already knocked out two restaurants… and it’s not even 2014 yet. We mentioned this in the vlog, but I think our goal is to shoot for at least one new restaurant between Sunday to ... Read More »

Restaurant 1 – Miceli’s

RJ and I have decided that one of our resolutions this year is to try a new restaurant each week. It gives us an opportunity to go on dates and spend quality time together away from the millions of obligations we try to juggle and also an opportunity to explore more of Los Angeles. Our method is to just hop ... Read More »

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