July 21, 2017
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Catholic Guilt

Hi Will and R.J.! So I have recently come to terms with my identity as a bisexual female. The problem with this is that I come from a Catholic family, and attend Catholic school, as well as go to Mass regularly. Even though I don’t really consider myself to be Catholic anymore for various reasons, I still find myself worrying that ... Read More »

I Know My Brother’s Gay

Hi, I just wanted to write to you, because I just found out one of my brothers is gay. We live in Latin America in a catholic family. Our family does not accept homosexuality yet they tell us that they will always support our choices and us. My brother does not know I know he is gay, and I don’t ... Read More »

Middle Eastern and Gay

I am Michael, 25, a Filipino working here in UAE, first of all I wanted to say how much you two are the best inspiration and motivation for me to be the best person of who I am at the moment. You two and Kasey rocks!  Being a gay asian catholic working here in Middle East, I mean is there ... Read More »

Coming Out to Siblings

Hey Will and RJ, My name is Mark and I am 20 years old attending college in Pittsburgh. I grew up and lived in Utah nearly my entire life until moving to PA for school. I was raised in the LDS (Mormon) faith for my entire life until I moved away. I’m in kind of a unique position when it ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life