July 25, 2017
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Pokken Tournament Review

You know you’re marrying the right guy when he puts a video game you’ve been wanting on your wedding registry, and that’s exactly what happened with me and Pokken Tournament. I first heard about Pokken tournament on Facebook and thought it was another one of those gimmicks to make me click on a video that had nothing to do with ... Read More »

Pokemon X & Y

With each release of a new Pokemon game, I’m always afraid this will be the generation that doesn’t deliver (excluding Black and White, which I didn’t like, but they made up for it with Black and White 2). With Pokemon X & Y, Nintendo has done it again. I’m all about the introduction of new types, but I was SUPER ... Read More »


Disclaimer: This post is more me taking a stroll down memory lane than anything else. I faintly remember when Pokemon became a thing. After doing some research, I found that apparently the game came out before anything else, but I remember coming across the cards first. The kids around my neighborhood and the few friends I had in school started ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life