June 27, 2017
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“A Gay Day in America” 2012

The Advocate, which, as you know, is pretty much our favorite LGBT news publication, does this little thing every year called “A Gay Day in America”. The gist of this little project is that LGBT people all across the nation submit photos and such of whatever it is that they happen to be doing on a certain day. This year ... Read More »

Time Article: “How to Starve the Trolls”

We’ve already breached the subject of trolls and haters a couple of times. Will talked briefly about how he and I manage to put up with hate online, whereas I chose to take a more sociological approach and tried to speculate exactly what makes a troll tic. But when I came across this particular Time article last week, I realized ... Read More »

“Take Hate Off the Plate” by Chef Art Smith

I know, I’m starting to get tired of this Chick-fil-A discussion, too. Believe me, Will and I have both Tumbled and Tweeted about it, and watched plenty of YouTube videos about it. I, personally have written a piece on this site about it, and have made a video ranting about the whole controversy. Since making that rant last week, I’ve ... Read More »

CNN Op-Ed: “Aurora Heroes”

This morning, I followed my typical routine at work of grabbing coffee, checking my numerous emails, and reading the news (usually CNN and The Advocate). Normally, I don’t even look at any of the op-ed pieces on these sites. My spare time is limited enough in the mornings. I can only usually get in about ten good minutes of reading ... Read More »

The Advocate – Advocate.com

It’s regrettable that I have to address the topic of LGBT news any differently than I would mainstream news. Really, I hate to have to breach the topic of LGBT news at all, since it should be a main priority of all mainstream news sources to focus on this generation’s Civil Rights movement as part of their usual coverage. The ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life