July 21, 2017
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Taking Psych Meds For The First Time

So now that the daily vlogs are through, I know a lot of you guys have been curious as to some of the stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes. Our goal was to be able to use this blog as a chance to check in with you guys periodically, and be one of the ways we continued sharing ... Read More »

Catholic Guilt

Hi Will and R.J.! So I have recently come to terms with my identity as a bisexual female. The problem with this is that I come from a Catholic family, and attend Catholic school, as well as go to Mass regularly. Even though I don’t really consider myself to be Catholic anymore for various reasons, I still find myself worrying that ... Read More »

Talent Alone Is Not Enough…

Hey guys I love the website so far it’s full of wonderful content and I have already addressed my issues with the site on the facebook page for the site,  Anyways I’ve tried asking this question on your youtube channel but without success so I’ll ask it here.  My question is what would you recommend for someone that is talented ... Read More »

RJ’s Sensory Processing Disorder

Dear R.J.   I am a huge fan and long time watcher of your you tube channel.   I was interested by the web-site and curious about S.P.D.  What kind of help did you get and are you better to handle the sensory problems that you had. Hope that you are a lot better now.  Did not know if it is a ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life