July 23, 2017
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Locked Out of My Apartment

I’m writing this as I’m locked out of my apartment. Let’s see if we can brainstorm ways of not letting this happen again: 1. Carry a spare key in my wallet But I already forget my wallet everywhere anyway. I’m thinking about switching to one of those wallets that’s attached to your phone so then I’ll NEVER forget it. That’s ... Read More »

YouNow Kikis

For that small group of super dedicated shepsexuals, you guys already know that we do live shows every Sunday at 2PM – this post is just reminding people when, where, and why we do them. I’m not sure how many of you have been following us for a while, but for those subscribers that have been around before RJ, you ... Read More »

“A Gay Day in America” 2012

The Advocate, which, as you know, is pretty much our favorite LGBT news publication, does this little thing every year called “A Gay Day in America”. The gist of this little project is that LGBT people all across the nation submit photos and such of whatever it is that they happen to be doing on a certain day. This year ... Read More »

Getting Rid of My Go-Phone

I suppose I should start this post by thanking LG. Prior to owning their go-phone, I scoffed at the idea of owning a smart phone. I actually found myself mocking the people who were tethered to their iPhones and Droids like it was supplying them with an IV. I absolutely cringed at the idea of being reachable by phone, text, ... Read More »

Working Out…

Now, right off the bat, I should tell you that this post won’t include any instructions on exercise or nutrition. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting any in the future. I actually hope to do so regularly in the future. It’s just that I don’t consider myself any kind of expert in this area. Thus, I don’t want ... Read More »

VidCon 2012

I’ll have to be honest. Before VidCon, I did my best to keep any and all expectations at bay. This was my first ever experience with any YouTube gathering, much less  a whole conference. Hell, before our trip, I had only ever really met three other bona-fide YouTubers in person, and one of them is my boyfriend! So even as ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life