July 25, 2017
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From One Parent to Another: RJ’s Dad

As some of you may remember, we posted an article here on our blog that was written by Will’s mom, and basically asked her to give her thoughts on her son’s sexuality and coming out and so on. We received such a positive response that we decided to do it again. This time, we asked my dad to weigh in ... Read More »

Struggling with Labels

Hi Will and RJ! I just wanted to ask you about something I’ve been kind of struggling with for a while. I hear a lot of LGBT people say that they’ve been sure of their sexuality since they were really little, but I’ve just never been quite positive. I’m 18 now, and back when I was 15/16 I had a ... Read More »

Bye-Bye, Biphobia

Ever since I started slowly coming out as bisexual to my friends, I’ve dealt with an onslaught of unintentional biphobia. Common comments I receive range from monossexism remarks about being “just a lesbian” or “just straight”, to the most hurtful, being told by a close friend that she doesn’t believe that bisexuality exists. Most people that I confront about their ... Read More »

Middle School Bullies

Hi R.J., Middle School is a rough place, but I still decided it was time to come out.  That was a bad decision! Now it’s all around school, plus my crush.  I get all of the restricted calls, texts, and Facebook messages saying: “You were never liked and always hated, NOW YOU WILL STAY THAT WAY!”  I feel really guilty ... Read More »

Coming Out on Your Own Terms

Hi Will and Rj! First off I would like to start off my email by saying how much I love watching your videos. I found you guys through your valentine’s day video and have been watching since. What you two have is what I hope to have someday in the future. A serious and committed loving relationship. Alright lemme get ... Read More »

From One Parent to Another: Will’s Mother

I know that a lot of kids have a tough time coming out to their parents because they’re uncertain as to how they will react. I asked my mom if she would share her experience so maybe these kids can gain perspective. Here’s what she had to say: When I first learned that Will was gay, I was not surprised. ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life