June 27, 2017
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Thomas Hitzlsperger Comes Out

I’ve never been one to follow any professional sport, even if it’s soccer, but I thought this video deserved a little attention. It sheds some light on what it’s like to be gay in a professional sport and, while I think it is difficult for professional sportsmen in America to come out, I imagine coming out as gay in English ... Read More »

This Is Who I Am. Not What I Am.

This was absolutely too awesome to not share. Tré Melvin runs a (hugely successful) YouTube channel called ThisIsACommentary and, like his channel name suggests, makes a few statements about coming out as bisexual. Coming out is difficult, coming out as bisexual is even moreso, but coming out to a YouTube audience of nearly 2M who expects you to act a ... Read More »

Coming Out Live to Mother

Ryan sent this video to my tumblr inbox and I thought it was too good not to share. Make sure to head over to the video and give him some love. It takes a lot of courage to come out and especially film the experience and post one of your most vulnerable moments online for the world to see. Kudos ... Read More »

Coming Out Again

Hi Will and R. J.! First, let me start by saying I am a subscriber to your YouTube channel and I really enjoy watching your videos. You guys are great. You two like many of the same things I do: Harry Potter, comic books, etc. I guess that’s why I look forward to seeing your vlogs, I can definitely relate ... Read More »

Am I Changing?

Hey Will and RJ. My name is James. I have watched you guys for months now (I’m a real big fan). I just came out as gay to my friends and family on Facebook a couple of months ago. I have been single since 2011 and it has been hard. I want to thank you guys because you guys bring ... Read More »

Tom Daley Addresses His Sexuality

I go to bed, wake up, and find out that my top celebrity crush is dating a dude. I’ve never been so happy on a Monday morning. Honestly though, there are some people who are already bashing him since he didn’t 100% leap out of the closet as a homosexual. For this, I applaud him. It seems that people are ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life