July 23, 2017
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Marching in the LA Pride Parade

Marching in the LA Pride Parade yesterday was an experience I’ll never forget. I think it’s pretty safe to say that yesterday was an emotional day for all of us. The United States suffered its deadliest mass shooting in history, and its deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11. To my knowledge, the massacre at Pulse in Orlando marks another grim point in ... Read More »

Bi People At Pride

So Pride Month is already upon us. A bunch of cities have already started throwing their Pride festivals. Meanwhile LA’s in this upcoming weekend, and Will and I are going to be marching in the parade! I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ll be doing this for the first time together, especially now that we’re husbands. But I’ve been reading a lot ... Read More »

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

I am a 22 year old gay man. I live with my parents when I am not at school, and I am a fairly model son. I attend the top university in my state and get a fair GPA. However I have been told many times that I am basically not allowed to express myself as I would like many ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life