May 28, 2017
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The “Trust Gap”

“My question to you is were you and Will friends before you guys even dated? Because recently, i’m having trust issues with guys…every guy that i have dated, i will have this bad feeling about him and when i end things with him, he will tell me that he cheated on me and stuff. How long did it took you ... Read More »

Coming Out to Siblings

Hey Will and RJ, My name is Mark and I am 20 years old attending college in Pittsburgh. I grew up and lived in Utah nearly my entire life until moving to PA for school. I was raised in the LDS (Mormon) faith for my entire life until I moved away. I’m in kind of a unique position when it ... Read More »


“I’ve always found this one a bit difficult personally, What are your views on public display of affection, as a Gay couple would you feel comfortable expressing your feelings for each other in public for example, holding hands while walking, or a casual kiss here and there?” -Danny from the U.K. I know that a few of the subscribers have ... Read More »

The “Bi” Question

“So i was wandering about the whole bisexual choice thing.You could have chosen to live a straight life.. have a wife and kids and all.  why didn’t you? I mean.. sure – being proud of who we are and all that is really important.. but the truth is that i can’t think of reason to choose the hard path. (when it ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life