June 27, 2017
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Middle School Bullies

Hi R.J., Middle School is a rough place, but I still decided it was time to come out.  That was a bad decision! Now it’s all around school, plus my crush.  I get all of the restricted calls, texts, and Facebook messages saying: “You were never liked and always hated, NOW YOU WILL STAY THAT WAY!”  I feel really guilty ... Read More »

Shallow or Sensible?

I have been single and looking to mingle for some time so I started talking with a guy through chat and e-mail and we really hit it off. I had seen pictures but not the actual person himself until our first date about 10 days after we first started talking. By our first date, we had talked on the phone ... Read More »

The First Time

First off because of you two I came out to my friends and family as a gay male I got positive responses. Now for the advice. Do you guys think that it would be a good idea from the start of a relationship to abstain from any sexual behavior for about 6 weeks to 2 1/2 months from the start ... Read More »

Coming Out on Your Own Terms

Hi Will and Rj! First off I would like to start off my email by saying how much I love watching your videos. I found you guys through your valentine’s day video and have been watching since. What you two have is what I hope to have someday in the future. A serious and committed loving relationship. Alright lemme get ... Read More »

From One Parent to Another: Will’s Mother

I know that a lot of kids have a tough time coming out to their parents because they’re uncertain as to how they will react. I asked my mom if she would share her experience so maybe these kids can gain perspective. Here’s what she had to say: When I first learned that Will was gay, I was not surprised. ... Read More »

The 42-Year-Old Virgin

About four years ago, I accepted/admitted to myself that I was gay (I was 38 at the time). Although I consider myself a pretty normal guy (I’ve graduated college and grad school, have a professional career, have friends, good relationship with my family), I’ve never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  I’m not sure if I have a boring personality ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life