June 27, 2017
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Body Image and Relationships

Will and RJ, I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for well over a year now.  Recently I’ve been having days where I feel depressed and self conscious about my body.  I believe that this is a side effect of one of the medications I am taking, but my doctor assures me that it isn’t.  I want to talk ... Read More »

Single for Prom

Hey Will and RJ! So I’m in my last year of high school and prom is right around the corner. My high school is very small (i.e. the graduating class is 40 people) and EVERY single girl in the grade has a date to prom except for me. I would have went with my best guy friend but he’s already ... Read More »

Staying Motivated

“RJ and Will after watching you all these years I can see that you both are extremely driven and motivated to reach your goals/dreams. You usually get what you want. How do you keep yourself driven with all the obstacles that come your way?” –Emanuela I’ve gotten this question quite a few times over the years, and it’s a bit ... Read More »

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

So yeah, we got married recently. I think pretty much all of you are aware of that by now. It’s been two weeks since that amazing day, and I’m still reeling from the sheer magnificence that was our ceremony. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it almost feels like a dream. Everything about it was just perfect. And it ... Read More »

Catholic Guilt

Hi Will and R.J.! So I have recently come to terms with my identity as a bisexual female. The problem with this is that I come from a Catholic family, and attend Catholic school, as well as go to Mass regularly. Even though I don’t really consider myself to be Catholic anymore for various reasons, I still find myself worrying that ... Read More »

Moving To LA

” I was recently awarded a Fulbright scholarship to undertake a Master of Laws at the University of Southern California. For all the praise and support I have received from friends, I am terrified. Terrified of moving to the other side of the planet, anxious of finding myself alone there, and generally wary of the unknown. As relative newcomers to ... Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life