June 27, 2017
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Taco Bell – What Do You Get?

Taco Bell – What Do You Get?

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I just REALLY wanted Taco Bell this morning.

So the other day RJ, Neil, and I snagged some Taco Bell after celebrating RJ’s friend’s birthday. If you don’t remember:

If you do remember, you should recall that we were thinking about walking through the drive thru, but we already knew that that wouldn’t work, the prior year’s VidCon taught us that:

ANYWAY, since I figured we hadn’t been cooking that much nor trying any new/exciting restaurants, that I’d post about the staples we get at Taco Bell – because EVERYONE can relate to having that Taco Bell craving. Especially if you’re drunk.

Of course all of us love the Doritos Locos Tacos. Personally, I prefer the Cool Ranch Taco (PS – am I high for thinking that it used to be Cooler Ranch? yeah? thought so.) and I think anyone who has adequate taste buds would agree. I’ve actually ran into a few people who say the Nacho Cheese is the best, but they probably made questionable life decisions anyway. The Fiery is good, but I HAVE to get it supreme otherwise the spice is kinda overkill.

VOLCANOBut have you guys tried the Volcano burrito? Like holy fuck. This is my favorite item on the menu. I bring it home and slap some Chipotle Tobasco on it (I know, I’m basically committing incest) and that is the best worst burrito you’ll ever have.


I also love their chicken crunchwrap supremes, though I think they originally come with beef, right? They’re typically what I add on at the end if I’m totally pulling a “Big Girl, Party of One” status that night. Oh yeah, and I usually order at night so no one will see me where. Sunglasses, hat, hoodie, the works haha.

So now you guys have to tell me: what is the item you freak over like how I freak over Volcano Burritos? I know there are a million things on their menu so there’s gotta be something awesome I’m missing out on.

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Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. First, this post made me really hungry and I just ate. Second, my favorite thing at Taco Bell is the Nacho Doritos Locos Taco with a side of Fiesta Potatoes. And I also really like the cinnamon twists. Yum. Great now I want Taco Bell.

  2. Carmel apple empenadas and the volcano nachos

  3. If I want to get out quick I get the layer buritto. THose are delicious.

  4. I used to be a Crunchwrap Supreme but in recent visits I have become more of a Beefy Five Layer Burrito fan. It’s simple, delicious, and filling, perfect for a drunken meal.

  5. cantina in bowl~literally Chipotle XD

  6. I’m literally just so simple when ordering Taco Bell. I get #3, which is just two tacos supreme (usually soft) with a fries supreme and Mountain Dew. 🙂

  7. OMG I work at Taco Bell. Its so fun, well most days!

  8. You are a food porn star Will XD

  9. This may not have been a sponsored post, but it sure did the trick. Leaving for TB right now. Ohmygod.

  10. Okay, I want to go TB soon! BUT If (only) we have Chipotle in where I live, then I would go there first… THEN TB. Haha
    Ermm, is it “there” instead of “where” in your second-last paragraph, second-last sentence, last word in this entry?

  11. When I am traveling between New Orleans and Gulfport I always stop at Taco Bell halfway there. I always get the same thing. #1 Burrito Supreme with a Soft Taco Supreme with an extra Soft Taco Supreme and a Mountain Dew. Not sure why but I only get a Mountain Dew there. Nowhere else. God I wish there was a Taco Bell near the French Quarter right now!

  12. Usually I get a Chicken Quesadilla with their Fiesta Potatoes (Fried potatoes with sour cream and nacho cheese) but recently I’ve been loving their Chicken Cantina Bowls. I think they’re competing with Chipotle in that department. I also love their taco salads. Everything is to die for regardless. 🙂

  13. Sadly we don’t have a Taco Bell (nor Chipotle for that matter. We’re so deprived it’s funy. lol) here in Holland. We can buy TexMex stuff in a store though so I know a little about it. (I like nacho’s very much) But I have seriously no idea what I’d choose. Weird fact: Soft taco’s are called wraps here.

  14. I usually switch things up. Sometimes its Doritos Locos, and yes the Nacho cheese are the best. Sometimes I get a crunchwrap. And sometimes I get a Cantina Bowl, I wish Chipotle had the sauce they put on their bowls its very tasty.

  15. when I go to Tb I always get the baja chalupa beef with sour cream and they have a new dessert, cinnabon balls and Omg they are freakin good! I put a whole ball in my mouth and the warm frosting just flows out..you must try them;0)

  16. I love the 7 layer burrito. It’s vegetarian but you would never know it.

  17. Every time I go, which is about once a year now, I always get a nacho cheese chalupa, a supreme chalupa and a crunch wrap supreme. I have an irrational fear of getting something I don’t like and wasting all those calories. I’m not as skinny as you too!

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