June 27, 2017
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Struggling with Depression

My friend Anthony just posted this very touching video where he talks about struggling with depression and self-harm. I know a lot of my followers go through similar struggles, and Anth has some great advice.

Check out his channel if you haven’t already here.

If you ever feel alone or have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, there are a ton of resources at your disposal:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Canada/US): 1-800-273-8255
Kids Help Phone (Canada under 20yrs): 1-800-668-6868
The Trevor Project Lifeline (Canada/US): 866-488-7386
Hope Line (UK): 0800-068-41-41
Lifeline (Australia): 13-11-14

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. Wow, there is always light! its just finding the light that can be the hardest part of anyone’s journey.

  2. This just proved how strong he is and this video is going to help a lot of people.. it helped me! I hope more people watch this, because this is someone who understands.

  3. Wow when he was talking about his anxiety symptoms in 1:47 to 2:50 that’s what I’m going through currently…This is so weird. I’m not actually sure what to make of this lol. It’s given me something to think about; thanks for sharing this video 🙂

  4. this video was just what i needed

  5. your a brave person in talking about this,your helping others in saying its ok to talk about this and not to be ashame in doing so keep your head up my friend.

  6. Anthony is very brave to express his feelings but I’m glad he has done because there should be NO shame in this. The feelings Anthony talks about are common for a lot of people. We live in a society which places very strong demands on the individual, and a growing number of people feel unable to cope with all of these demands – this manifests itself in people blaming and not liking THEMSELVES rather than looking at the very difficult situations they are in and how they are actually doing their best in these circumstances.
    For most of my life I was a carer for my severely disabled mother and for the last 15 years I was her sole carer, dedicating as much time as I could to her personal and psychological care. She had been a prominent disability rights activist and would champion disabled athlete so I felt both very proud to look after her, and also very guilty because I never felt I was doing enough. Just as with Anthony, the logical side of me said sensible things like I was doing the very best I could. I also understood logically that when you look after someone who is getting older and is severely disabled that you cannot win the battle – at some stage the person you love will lose their fight for life. That doesn’t prepare your emotions for when it happens on you – and in my case it was a deeply traumatic month of deterioration which I still replay like a “train wreck” (as Anthony also describes) in my head.
    For some months after her passing, I shared Anthony’s horrible thoughts about not wanting to be here any more. In my mind I was a medical aid to a disabled person, a wheelchair if you will, now without an owner, and I needed to be decently melted down or thrown on a scrap-heap. Just like Anthony, I went to the doctor but in my case I was given talking therapy rather than medication. The talking therapy is really helpful and – forgive this long posting – but I wanted to share this with other people suffering depression.
    Speaking personally, the thing that made me feel depressed was constantly second-guessing and questioning my choices – past, present and future. From what I can see, others often share this. “If only” I’d do thing, or “If only” I had more friends/a boyfriend etc. As a result, every choice they make is “wrong” and that is why they’re useless. In reality you need to look back at the context of what you’re doing – very little is the simple “black and white” choice that people with depression think it is. Choices are like aiming for a target with a bow and arrow. You try to hit the bull, but it’s difficult to say if you’ve really hit dead centre. However, if you can believe that you’ve made a good effort and have got close to the correct choice, then that is “good enough” – you’ve made a good choice, not a bad choice. Whether it was the “best choice” is difficult to determine, even with hindsight, but you’ve done your best under the circumstances and that’s what has helped me to cope.
    Also like Anthony, I have used YouTube this last 6 months or so as a way to try and cope and feel better about my new life alone without my mum. During the week before the first anniversary of her death, I did record some rather dark videos as I felt myself wanting to not-exist once more, but I’ve pulled through…who knows what the future will hold for any of us, Anthony – but if we stop living it, then there will be no future at all. That’s the only certainty there is in life.

  7. I hope I get to this point some day. For now, life is fucking difficult. But this video gives hope, for sure.

  8. As a retired MH professional and – more and importantly – a recovering person with clinical depression, I want to send a big attaboy to Anthony for giving of himself to do such an important service for anyone new to depression that saw this video. Probably the only thing that I would add is to remind people out there that there is a biological piece, and sometimes a genetic piece, to depression. Because of the labels and their negative impact, it can be really hard to get people, and especially young people, to see the need for and value of treating mood disorders the same way you would face diabetes and other chronic diseases.

  9. I felt this way to some degree and my friends helped me through it tremendously. I am a completely different (better overall person) than I was before. And I too no longer cry! Thank you for showing me I wasn’t the only one feeling this way

  10. Couple weeks clean of self harm trying to get myself to therapy and work through this . This video gave me a lot of hope

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