July 21, 2017
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Something Like Winter

Something Like Winter

It’s actually been a while since I finished reading this book, so it’s not as fresh as it could be, but sometimes giving yourself some time to sit and stew over an opinion is a good way to analyze whether you liked a particular movie, book, restaurant, etc. That being said, I didn’t really need a lot of time to know that I enjoyed Something Like Winter.

Something Like Winter is the second book in Jay Bell’s Something Like… series, however the second book is really just the first book retold from a different perspective. Reading the same story from a different perspective honestly didn’t sound that appealing to me, how much more of the story is there left to tell? I felt like I got enough from the first installation, but I’m so glad I grabbed the next one. It showed through example that, even though you may think you know enough about someone and his/her situation, there could still be so much more to his/her story beyond what you’ve experienced, and that was exactly the case with Tim Wyman. You learn a lot about him in Something Like Summer, or at least enough to develop a pretty defined opinion, but then the tables are turned when you begin learning his back story. As I read, I began to understand the character more and decisions he made in Something Like Summer suddenly made sense. I hadn’t really experienced anything like this before in literature (and what would I give if JK Rowling thought this was a good idea).

What I like about Jay’s series is how real and relatable his characters are. The interactions are actually believable, which is so important for me while reading a story. I want to feel like the interactions I’m witnessing could honestly happen. I want to feel like I’m eavesdropping on a real conversation and learning real insecurities about real people, and Jay does a great job conveying the believability.

Winter is only the second book in a long running series detailing the Ben Bentley/Tim Wyman love story. So far, each book has offered more than enough to keep me coming back for the next book.

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  1. I’m waiting for it to be delivered to me right now! Can’t wait!!

  2. Wait till you read the others, they will blow your mind.

  3. Crayton Butts III

    The Something Like Series is the best book series ever. So glad Bell decided to continue the book series into the Storm Series!

  4. I’ve read the first book and I just can’t bring myself to read the second one. Too much heartache for me. And don’t even start on the third one.

  5. Rebecca Davidson

    Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award – congratulations! https://shihtzubookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/blogger-recognition-award-yay-me/

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