July 25, 2017
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Restaurant 3 – Shophouse

Restaurant 3 – Shophouse

In case you guys didn’t know already, RJ and I really love Chipotle. Turns out that Shophouse is the Asian version of Chipotle, so of course you guys recommended it and of course we had to try it out.

When I walked into the restaurant, I literally thought it was Chipotle. The decorations and layout of the restaurant are very similar and even the menu is laid out the same; you walk up and there are a stack of bowls waiting to be filled. It’s similar in that you build your own dinner with consciously aggregated produce and protein, but without the sacrifice of flavor. You select the type of rice or chilled noodles, add a protein, add a vegetable, add a sauce, and then add some toppings, all with varying degrees of spiciness and able to accommodate carnivores and vegans alike (also, it’s all gluten free).

If I remember correctly (it’s been a few days, but luckily we have a video haha) I had brown rice with chicken satay, green beans, green curry sauce, topped with pickled veggies and crispy garlic. It was the bomb, but only because I like spicy food. Someone who doesn’t typically like spice would find very few options here. I thought I would going light in the spice department, but the green beans and curry sauce delivered a little bit more than I was expecting. I don’t even know how RJ managed to handle the red curry sauce (the spiciest sauce) and then added sriracha on top. My tongue would be scarred for weeks.

The employees were incredibly helpful as well. We walked up and they could clearly tell we had never been before, and walked us through the steps of creating our bowl. They were out of the eggplant, which RJ chose, and comped a green tea for him as he waited. Chipotle has had similar professionalism with us in the past, so I’m glad to see it extends to other companies it owns.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and RJ and I will be going back very soon. With friends who like spicy foods.

The List
1. Shophouse
2. Blue C Sushi
3. Miceli’s

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  1. I love the way you write Will! and if I’m ever in LA i’ll make sure to check it out! Thanks Will

  2. Shophouse is great. It’s tasty and it feels healthier than other fast casual. Everything is so good that I feel confident ordering tofu and still genuinely enjoying my meal.
    P.S. I like spicy food 😉

  3. Where can I buy the own your happines hoodie?
    And the yay gay T-shirt?
    Love you guys!!! 😉

  4. Where is the merch?

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