June 27, 2017
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Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon

To me, Runyon Canyon illustrates, pretty perfectly, one of my favorite parts about living in LA. Despite developing a reputation for being a shallow, vain, and superficial town, LA has natural beauty to it that tends to get glossed over by all of the neon lights and broken dreams. Luckily, when you live in Hollywood, you don’t really have to venture very far to get away from the bustle and hustle, and crossing into one of these little sanctuaries marks a stark contrast between the noise of the city and the serene quiet of the mountains.

runyonOf course, there are plenty of people at Runyon who tend to get the same idea. Assuming that you’re not going there at 5 AM, the trails are usually pretty chock full of people. But that doesn’t mean that they get crowded, or that your fellow hikers will interfere much with your R&R. After all, everyone is pretty much after the same thing: to take a break from their hectic lives and take in some (relatively) fresh air and some amazing views. And when I say amazing views, I really do mean breathtaking views. Make your way up to the top of the mountain using any of the different trails (they vary in difficulty depending on your skills as a hiker/climber), and enjoy an absolutely stunning view of LA, going all the way to Orange County on a clear day. And as an added benefit, celebrities get spotted on Runyon Canyon all the time. And even if your breathtaking view doesn’t necessarily include a famous person, chances are that you’ll get a glimpse of at least a handful of gorgeous guys during your hike.

runyon2The only drawback to parks like Runyon is getting there, which isn’t always easy. We have the benefit of living about a mile away, so it’s very easy for us to just walk/jog there. For others, though, finding the entrance to the park isn’t easy. It’s kind of hidden down some residential side street, and there aren’t a lot of signs to direct you. You kind of have to already know where it is in order to find it. And even if you do find it, parking is a challenge. There’s no parking lot, which means you have to park on the street in a residential area. Ask anyone who lives in LA and they’ll tell you, that’s not exactly an easy task.

But the rewards are pretty great once you do manage to get there. There’s the trails, the people (who are more often than not, really friendly), there’s a donation based yoga class down at the bottom park, and there’s lots of cute doggies on the trial (since it’s not required to have your dog on a leash in certain areas). Long story short, Runyon is one of my favorite parts of LA, and it’s definitely a must-visit if you haven’t been, whether your visiting or local.

If you haven’t already, take a look at Runyon in our videos! Here’s where my parents took Dobby on the trail…

And here’s when we hiked it with a bunch of friends…

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  1. It’s always a pleasure to breathe some fresh air and see something natural in a big city. In England, Victorian philanthropists designed large municipal parks to take the place of the countryside in London and the grimy cities of the industrial north. They remain the gems in the crown of these cities to this day.

  2. Ugh I’ve been wanting to go, but no one to go with! *hint hint Will and Rj*

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