July 21, 2017
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R.J. Aguiar
Every hero needs an origin story. This is how R.J. Aguiar became the guy we know and love...

R.J. Aguiar

R.J. (or “Ricky” as he was referred to then) was born the older of two sons to a pair of Cuban immigrant parents living in a quiet suburb of Tampa.For the first few years of his life, he was the apple of his parents’ eye, showcasing all kinds of precocious intelligence while his mother happily cheered for him. But as he grew, it became increasingly clear that something was just a little bit…odd about him. Forgetting the fact that he had to wear thick glasses and an eye patch, he also had a laundry list of odd quirks. He would scream whenever there was a loud noise or whenever you handled him just a little too roughly. He would tie his shoes so tight they would make his feet bleed, and if they were loosened at all he would start dragging his feet.Needless to say, school wasn’t easy for him.No matter where little Ricky went, he would almost always be mocked for buttoning his polo shirts all the way up or for not wanting to play contact sports outside with all of the other kids. The other kids were ruthless, as kids often are, to the point where he was even sexually assaulted by another student. The more they teased, the more he would bottle his frustration and try to channel it into schoolwork or martial arts. But the only place where Ricky felt really safe was inside his own imagination. He kept notebooks upon notebooks of stories and ideas for stories or ideas for movies or TV shows or theme parks. He even took the liberty of publishing his own books with the help of some staples and a few sheets of paper. Then, as soon as he got his hands on a shiny sticker, he would be sure to give his own book an award for good measure.It wasn’t until high school that the newly-renamed “R.J. Aguiar” would experience two epiphanies that would explain just why he was so different. The first came thanks to his mother, who discovered that he probably had some sort of Sensory Processing Disorder. The second made itself apparent very slowly, whenever he had to change with other guys in the locker room or watched certain videos on the internet.Still, being raised Catholic meant that R.J. thought he could keep this part of him hidden, tucked away where no one could see. It wasn’t until junior year of college that he met someone that would show him how wrong he was. This guy wasn’t just a hookup or even just a boyfriend, he was someone who finally taught R.J. how to live life unapologetically and how to take charge of his own happiness. Little did R.J. know when they met that this guy also happened to have a YouTube channel, or that, before long, he would be putting his relationship with this new guy all over the internet for all to see.As you can see, life has a strange way of taking you places that you never knew you wanted to go. Seriously, you can see it—just take a look at the videos for yourself come along for the ride. Age

November 17

Tampa, Florida

Writer/Social Media Personality

Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Slaughterhouse Five, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Watchmen, The Harry Potter Series

Fight Club, Apocalypse Now, The Matrix Trilogy, Crash, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Vertigo, The Birdcage, As Good As It Gets, Oceans 11, The Fall, Hable Con Ella, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Fall, The Social Network, Deadpool

TV Shows
House, Game of Thrones, The Venture Brothers, The Boondocks, The Daily Show, Inside the Actors Studio, 30 Rock, Silicon Valley, @Midnight, House of Cards, The Newsroom, The West Wing, Last Week Tonight


  1. “Stay the Same (ft. Andreya Triana)” by Bonobo
  2. “D.Song” by Yppah
  3. “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead
  4. “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack
  5. “Minor Cause” by Emancipator


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