June 27, 2017
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Portal 2

Portal 2

Although I’ve been a heavy gamer for years, I didn’t start computer gaming until very recently with Portal 2 popping my computer/Steam gaming cherry. And holy crap it’s like a whole other world.

I guess I’m a little spoiled because of our Mac Daddy (how we refer to our Mac where we edit the videos). It doesn’t have retina display but the screen is large enough for the game to be so immersive. I guess I’m also late to beautifully designed games like Halo and Skyrim since I’ve never been and Xbox fan, but damn this game is SO PRETTY.


This game is different than most in that it doesn’t involve a first person running around killing other bad people, it’s simply a huge fucking puzzle. I saw somewhere (probably on Tumblr) a phrase that puts it perfectly: “how the fuck am I supposed to get past this room this is fucking impossible (2 hours later) oh wow that was easy I’m an idiot.”


I actually haven’t played the first Portal but I’ve heard that it’s just as good as the second. I’m glad that one of our viewers recommended I play because it’s opened my eyes to a whole new world of gaming beyond a DS or Super Smash Bros. I’ve been considering getting an Xbox too, especially after living with Kasey for a while. You can even ask him, when I was playing Portal 2, nothing else existed in the world – that is until Minecraft came along… but that’s another post entirely.


If there are any other PC games you guys think I should check out, definitely leave them down below – I trust your judgment after so many people recommending Portal 2.

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  1. sim city!

    • omg i’m scared of getting into that one haha. i’ve never played!

      • its fun πŸ™‚ and you could start a region and your subscribers can get in on it too πŸ˜€

      • YAS!it’s an endless game and you always can get a new idea on a city planning! Also u can invite ur subscribers to your game to build a region together, thats could be a mess!Most important this game has Mac version!

  2. Have you Played Half Life? I’ve only played Half-Life 2 (and Episodes 1 and 2) they are kind of prequels to the Portal games. Well maybe not prequels but they connect in various ways (though you won’t find out till the end of EP 2), created by he same team, VALVe. I thought they were very good games if you like First Person shooters (similar to portal). I don’t normally but this series was interesting. Lol SIM city is also good too.

  3. I actually like the first Portal better than Portal 2. The puzzles definitely got more challenging with new mechanics in Portal 2, but it drags out a bit in terms of story. If you like that style of puzzle games, The Swapper was a fun game to play, and if you like interesting stories, I just played a game called Gone Home. It’s pretty simple gameplay but the story is fascinating. Both of them are available on Steam!

  4. The Walking Dead from tell tale; It’s an amazing game. It’s very story
    focused and is not an FPS which is unusual for a zombie game. It will
    make you agonise over every tiny decision you’ll make then second guess
    each one afterwards.

    Their new game The Wolf Among us is also similiar in game play although in a fables story if you’re a little tired of zombies.

    There’s also the sims franchise, which does get old quick but I think is a great way to see how much of a psychopath you really are. My poor sims…

  5. Raymond Mallia-Nunez

    You should really try the Stanley Parable. It is the best 15 dollars you can spend on steam. It is so creative and different like Portal.

  6. The Sims 3. You will lose months,years at a time. @.@ The Sims 4 is out now I believe. The game doesn’t have nearly as much packs as The Sims 3 does though. Be warned, this game makes you question your sanity and highlights psychopathic tendencies. R.I.P to all the Sims who have died needless deaths.

  7. SimCity, League of legends, Marvel Heroes, SMITE, NFS Rivals, NFS Hot Pursuit!!! Should try them out πŸ™‚ then we be play forEVER! AND EVER! ;D hehe

  8. I LOVED Portal 1. Portal 2 is hardcore. Started last year, still haven’t finished,
    Was trying to get through it with no ‘help’ from youtube.
    I’ve heard Halo 4 is fun and beautiful…

  9. You should check out Skyrim. But beware, once you get sucked in, you’ll spend hours at a time slaying dragons, clearing dungeons, and crafting new armor!

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