July 23, 2017
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Omen Chronicles – How It Started

Prologue: Last December, I was roaming through Twitter when I saw a couple of my friends were applying for the YouTube NextUp Program. I figured why not since it didn’t cost anything to apply, but I certainly didn’t expect to be one of the 30 channels selected from the thousands that applied. It was an incredibly humbling experience and I’m grateful our channel was selected, and I never would have guessed I would have met content creators from different corners of YouTube and learn to respect their content in a whole new light. One of those content creators was Wren Weichman.

All throughout the first week, Wren was in high demand. He was the special effects guy for NextUp 2013, and everyone wanted him involved in their videos. I sat back and watched creator after creator approach him with ideas, so I figured I’d make his life even more awful and approach him with an idea of my own.

Honestly, it all began with me just wanting more Harry Potter content on YouTube, so I had this silly idea of the four different Hogwarts houses involved in a battle to show the different techniques of wizard dueling – very Avatar: The Last Airbender. I knew a VFX person would need to be involved, and I thought I’d just toss the idea Wren’s way and see what he thought. This was before we even knew each other; funny how we’re such good friends now and that idea completely took off.

After the first week of NextUp, there were MANY Skype calls between Wren, RJ, and me about what this Harry Potter video could become. It soon evolved from a simple little idea to a complex story with an actual narrative that we were all proud of. RJ wrote an 18 page script that we had planned to shoot in just 2 days with the help of other NextUp talent (Nick, Evelina, Devin, and Jon) and professional actors Wren had tracked down (Tanner and Brent). We provided our own costumes and props, Wren borrowed a Red Epic, Evelina’s husband fetched us food, and we took two days off our already heavily-scheduled week 2 of NextUp to film OMEn Chronicles. And boy was it tiring/a lot of fun.

Obviously, the video has been released by now, but not before Wren dedicated some 2,000+ hours to editing together the film. Pun intended, he really worked his magic and made this film a fucking masterpiece. Of course, it’s received criticism everywhere from the acting, to the story, to the dialogue, to the VFX, but I think the like/dislike ratio speaks for itself. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re so excited so many people enjoyed the immense amount of effort Wren put into this film.

Check out Wren’s channel here.

I’m writing this post to give the video a second round of traffic – it needs more views. Do Wren a favor and share the video, if not this article, so more people can see it and we have more leverage to possibly turn this into something bigger. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and to everyone who has shown continued support since it’s been uploaded.

Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite moments are, and possibly what you think will happen next. 🙂

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. Alfred George Lanier

    It’s pretty awesome to see something grow from an initial idea into a great thing. OMEn is just awesome all-around. And Wren is made of awesome! : )

  2. I don’t think people should expect a flawless actor to be a YouTuber. YouTubers are themselves for the most part, so they don’t really need to pretend they are someone else, such as in a film when playing a character.

    • completely agree – most of us haven’t been professionally trained so i think we did a pretty excellent job considering.

  3. It’s always great to hear/read more about the background of a project as awesome as OMEn is. And no project will ever be perfect, nor would it ever please everyone. But given the constraints that you guys had, and all the effort that was put in, especially by Wren, it was a very, very good result. I watched it numerous times, and enjoyed it greatly. Now to hope that more episodes can happen 🙂

  4. I thought it was amazing for what little you guys had to work and filmed in 2 days.i know most people could not pull that off, and what made it as amazing as itwas. What I really loved was that u could see the love and dedication put into it. No one was doing it for a paycheck or to get more famous I was everyone pulling together to make something amazing and u could defentily tell that! Oh and my favorite part would have to be rj’s enterence!

  5. The OMEn Chronicles certainly deserved the overwhelming positive response that it received. That video is beyond any words, and I am so damn stoked to see what’s coming next! Of course, like any other production, there’s always going to be little things such as the acting, the dialogue, or the effects that people may not particularly enjoy. However, despite all of that, I believe it was fantastic, and definitely did not seem like a tiny YouTube production when I was watching it for the first (and fifteenth… maybe twentieth) time. I am so proud of what you, and all the other contributors accomplished with this, and what you will continue to accomplish with the upcoming videos.

  6. I loved OMEn Chronicles. I thought that the plot was incredibly original and the VFX blew me away. I honestly never expected to see something of such high quality on YT! I’ve watched the video too many times to count now, and as soon as I hear someone talking about Harry Potter (which is quite often), I always mention OMEn to them! I really hope this is able to be turned into a series. 🙂

  7. Will, you guys did an awesome job creating & performing Omen Chronicles…I’m really looking forward to more episodes of it so I sure hope that you guys will be able to continue doing it. I was glued to my computer watching it. Kudos to you all for pulling it off in such a great manner.

  8. Omg RJs face is flawless in the thumb nail XD love you guys are amazing! And i love the harry potter XD keep being awsome and lookin farward to tomorrows vlogg

  9. that was such a good video

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