May 3, 2016
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Minecraft Survival Games

I’ve been wanting to start a gaming channel for a long time. Since I’m pretty bad at posting videos on my personal channel, I thought it would be silly to create a whole new channel just for gaming so instead I’ll be posting the gaming videos on my personal channel that way I’ll at least be uploading something haha. Minecraft survival games are incredibly fun to play (and watch in my opinion). My favorite thing to do is grab a burrito bowl from Chipotle and line up a playlist of MCSG videos I need to catch up on. Hopefully you guys will have fun following me as I play MCSG as well.

Leave a comment down below of other games you’d like to see me play or other YouTubers I should game with.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.
  • rkieru

    I’ve never played Minecraft as a co-op survival game; mostly I use it as a cheap alternative to buying a hundred million lego blocks. Have you played the sandbox version of the game (spelunking, building, etc.)?

  • iamamitbar games

    OMG congrats Will!!! we should collab and record together, I can teach you some chest routes and some show you some skills. <3

  • Donovan Kalkhoff

    OMG I was hoping you would go through with this Will :) I love MC and it’s going to be so much fun watching you play 😀

  • Shawn Mueller

    I mean… I’m bias but you should totally play MCSG with me! But I love that you started filming your gaming with Minecraft!

  • Itachi Siller

    What is the server that you play on so other people can join you in Hunger Craft.

  • inginging3ing

    I’d like to see you, RJ, Jake, Neil, Chris, Miles, etc…. play Super Smash Bros!

  • Brandon Jones


  • Samantha

    loved the first video can’t wait to see more

  • Sudipta J C

    I’ve been waiting for this channel so long !!

  • mindsparadise

    I’d love to see you introduce minecraft to RJ, maybe do a little survival series with him 😀

  • Rawan

    I love watching you play! I didn’t think I would get into your gaming channel that much.. but omg! love love it! watching you play is making me want to play MCSG

  • Crysta Wegley

    I have just subscribe on your channel for new. Your idea is great not creazy. Crysta Wegley

  • Dan

    I play on this server too! Can’t wait for the next video. Dan Stein

    • Dion

      What server is it?

      • Kevin O’Sullivan

        If you find out, let me know

  • Amira Amira Magharibia

    Can i use your Thumbnail?

  • Amira Amira Magharibia

    Can I use your Survival Games Thumbnail

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