June 27, 2017
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Restaurant 1 – Miceli’s

Restaurant 1 – Miceli’s

RJ and I have decided that one of our resolutions this year is to try a new restaurant each week. It gives us an opportunity to go on dates and spend quality time together away from the millions of obligations we try to juggle and also an opportunity to explore more of Los Angeles. Our method is to just hop on Yelp and pick something and give it a whirl. Miceli’s Italian was our first choice, and let’s say we begin this resolution, not with a bang, but with a fizzle.

The restaurant is situated right in the heart of the tourist mecca that is Hollywood and Highland, but we decided it would be a good idea since it’s a short walk and how can anyone screw up Italian? Haha, little did we know.

To be fair, the restaurant is super old so they must be doing something right, but it wasn’t the bruschetta or the chicken lasagna or the veal francaise. They did have a really cool piano player who was extremely jovial and vibrant but I doubt he would be enough to bring back repeat business. One of the reviews I read on Yelp suggested to get plastered on alcohol before trying the food, but I couldn’t even finish my white wine since it was served at the same temperature as RJ’s red wine.

The waitress was awesome though, so at least there’s that. Service was definitely not an issue, so I made sure to tip appropriately. The problem was the food.

I’m sorry to come across so snobby – I hate it when people become so critical of our YouTube channel and here I am doing exactly what I hate haha. But hopefully future restaurants will be better and I hope you guys are excited about following our journey around new restaurants in Los Angeles!

I think having a running rank of the restaurants we visit will be cool, so let’s get it started. Obviously, since we’ve only tried one restaurant, the list is easy so far. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had poor food/service at a particular Italian restaurant before (enough to merit remembering). It might help out a future restaurant goer!

The List
1. Miceli’s Italian

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancΓ© and German Shepherd.


  1. Now this is an inspired decision. By trying restaurants each week you get to enjoy yourselves, build up shared memories, make quality time to be with each other (with a built-in excuse to be alone together) and make an interesting new feature on your website all at the same time. You’ve hit a whole flock of birds with one stone there.

  2. I pretty much find all Italians restaurants that aren’t in NYC or CT, bad lol I’m so used to living in a prominent Italian section of the US that I never eat it else where! Unless, it’s Olive Garden because they can do anything!

  3. I love reading restaurant reviews. I would suggest ranking the restaurant based on food, service and atmosphere? Also, you might want to comment in more detail on your food choices as opposed to just listing them. I love chicken parm and try to find a restaurant where ever we travel that serves to see if they can top the restaurant I loved as a kid in franklin mass. The worst experience we had was in New Orleans where I tried a chicken parm the used like a spicy grilled chicken as the entree. Horrible! Anyway…keep up the great work! Love both you guys and your videos. On a side note, are you guys coming to that con here in Orlando this year?

    • food, service, and atmosphere! that sounds like a fantastic idea. and i can’t even imagine a chicken parm with a spicy chicken. but yeah! we’ll be at Playlist this year. πŸ™‚

  4. As for italian food (a type of food I don’t really care for), I’ve been to Maria’s Italian kitchen in North Hollywood, it was small, and packed. The service wasn’t bad just slow. The food how ever was really bad, the Pizza was overly greasy and all the toppings (including the cheese) fell of. The pasta in my opinion was also nothing good. Worst Italian food I’ve ever had.

  5. This is actually great! Do you think you can do a review of each restaurant you go to? That would be awesome! I’m hoping to move to Los Angeles one day and maybe try out new places. The only Italian I eat is either at a Pizzeria……at when I’m at home making spaghetti :p haha! But this is a great idea! πŸ˜€

  6. What a cool idea. Next time write an actual review about the food though.

  7. Can you tell us what was wrong with the food. Not cooked enough? Too well cooked/dry? No flavour?

    I’m remembering the meal I had at a local hotel on Christmas Day. The venue was good, service excellent, but the food was … ordinary. Boring, bland, no pizzazz, and no gravy on the roast turkey. What, no gravy?? So maybe that was your problem?

    • my white wine being served warmer than room temperature was probably what tanked everything. the bruschetta tasted strange but i think that’s because they poured canned diced tomatoes over crostinis. the chicken lasagna was alright but the chicken was SUPER dry.

      i guess i gotta get used to talking about restaurants in this fashion. i normally just decide whether i like it or not haha.

      • I’ve been writing and studying restaurant reviews for years now. (for my own hobby, as I want to be a critic when I get older). I think you did brilliantly (other than those details) but it’s just practice. Quick and to point. Maybe read some from renowned critics?

  8. Italian food is actually one of the easiest to screw up. Real, authentic food takes time and passion. Too many restaurants try to cut corners to save money and use canned sauce, frozen/not so fresh ingredients, and other pre-packaged nonsense. I’ve even been to an “Italian” restaurant that served canned ravioli like it was their own.

  9. I’m just sitting here baffled on how someone can screw over Italian cuisine. It’s one of the easiest types of food you can cook.

  10. Once again, may I suggest Canter’s Deli on Fairfax

  11. I love the idea of trying a new restaurant every week, especially since it gives you and RJ a chance to have a date night. I don’t know if you are doing an actual review but, if you are, we need to know what was wrong with the food, not just that it wasn’t good. I really do enjoy reading your articles. Keep it going!!! You and RJ are great!!!

  12. A lot of the Greek owned restaurants around here do Italian food but sadly it often tastes very bland and at times down right nasty. Some are better than others, but I try to go to authentic Italian restaurants for Italian food, or, gasp, Olive Garden! Haha! I also like Carrabba’s. I wonder if you would of asked for a chilled glass of wine if they would of taken it well. I realize a lot of restaurant ppl seem to get upset when you send something back, but you did say the waiter was nice. Getting the right wine and temperature is pretty important in Italian gastronomy! Lol!

  13. i think u should try Arabian food and write a review about it , u will love it

  14. OMG soo cool! That was my resolution last year and I actually did more than 52! It was also the first YouTube video I posted too, which is now unlisted (http://youtu.be/MCugmufvLWQ) I wish I did a better job keeping track of it tho :/

  15. I love this restaurant every week thing and I LOVE that you are sharing this with us! looking forward to more restaurant reviews! πŸ˜€

  16. Can you post pics of your food?

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