June 27, 2017
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Locked Out of My Apartment

Locked Out of My Apartment

I’m writing this as I’m locked out of my apartment. Let’s see if we can brainstorm ways of not letting this happen again:

1. Carry a spare key in my wallet
But I already forget my wallet everywhere anyway. I’m thinking about switching to one of those wallets that’s attached to your phone so then I’ll NEVER forget it. That’s a smart idea. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

2. Storing the key under the mat or someone hear the door
If it’s not locked up? No way.

3.Β Have a safe box to store my key outside my door
I think this is a pretty good option but then I’d always be terrified of someone bashing it open and getting inside. I’m always the worse-case-scenario type of thinker – maybe I’m being too cautious. But it’s either get locked out once a month or stop being forgetful HA as if I’ll stop being forgetful.

4. Have a sign next to my door to remind me to bring my phone, keys, wallet, and camera
My keys were on the key ring by the door. Next.

5. Make lots of copies to give to people
I kind of like this option too but then I’m at the mercy of everyone else’s schedule and I hate being a burden on my friends. Though, I could use this as a test of our friendship. Who’s willing to drop everything they’re doing to come and save me? There could be a gauntlet to see who arrives first and they get a prize or something.

6. Keep a window unlocked to climb through just in case
This would work when I lived with my parents in a one story house. Not in my second story apartment lol.

7. Get one of those fancy fingerprint doorknobs or deadbolts to let you in
These would be great for my actual home. I would totally invest in the $200+ to install in my own doors. Alas, I live in an apartment and I’d probably get charged some stupid fee for mangling my door.

8. Try to break in in the future
I tried. My neighbor tried. And my neighbor’s friend tried. It’s not happening. I’m not sure yet if I should be happy or sad about this.

What do you guys think I should do to avoid this in the future? Besides having a key around my neck at all times. It may even come to that, I don’t know.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancΓ© and German Shepherd.


  1. use one of those magnet cases and find some metal on your car and hide a spare key there.

  2. I lock myself out all the time, so I know the annoyance. I’d suggest still keeping a key in your wallet just so if you do remember the wallet, and not the keys, at least you’re not completely fucked. If anything I’d attach one to your camera strap…it seems you’re least likely to forget that.

  3. Christopher Campbell

    I use to hide a spare key in a little magnetic case under my car. I always worried it would fall or get knocked off, but for the 4 – 5 years I had it, it never did… and it saved me from calling a locksmith on several occasions. Attached and hidden in the wheel well.

  4. Michael Berkshire

    Best options hide a spare on one of two things you carry the most like your phone or your camera. Put the key physically tucked between your phone case and the phone itself or tape the key to your vlog camera. A third option is to put a discreet spare key on Dobby’s collar.

  5. I’d contact the landlord about the fancy lock; I THINK it’s one of those things that can be reverted pretty easily, so what should they care so long as they still have a key that can get them in for maintenance.

  6. I keep a spare in the locking bit of my car glove box, has never failed me yet!

  7. I got into the habit of checking my pockets before leaving the doorway. It only works for things you regularly need when you pop out of the house. Any one time use things, I still forget and have to go back for.

  8. You should maybe make a routine to double check if you have everything you need every time you leave. in time you will come to forget it less. And from what I have seen if you have a routine to do you will be less likely to forget.

  9. Rhiannan Fletcher-West

    Again Will? what’s that 4 times in three weeks?
    Anyway buy like a karabiner and key ring. Put your key on the key ring and hook the karabiner to your pants.
    use the “coin” thing you bought for your wallet and attach it to your key or something.

  10. Why don’t you just ONLY use the deadbolt lock on your door that you can only lock from the outside using your key. Stop using the lock in the door handle which compared to the deadbolt lock is basically useless when it comes to real burglars (as opposed to friends and neighbors trying to help you break in to your own house).

  11. Several people have already mentioned this, but magnetic cases for your car work great! I’ve used one for 3 years now and it’s never fallen off. πŸ™‚

  12. i always keep a copy of my house key on the keychain that has my car keys, that way as long as i have my car keys i have all the keys i’ll need

  13. You could have Rj pin your key to the inside of your shirt like I’m sure your mom did when you were younger. Other than that I can’t think of anything else that hasn’t been already mentioned except for maybe duct tape. Fixes everything.

  14. I agree with Rhino. i only have a deadbolt on my front door because i was worried about
    locking myself out. sometimes i do have the half way to work panic of ‘did i lock
    the front door?’ (along with – did the garage door shut? did i feed the
    cat???). but i always do. well, not the cat part. but she’s fine…. there’s always food leftover in her bowl.

    • THIS. I always lock only the deadbolt so I know when I leave, I always have my keys. Also, I can’t lock myself out because I need my keys to lock the deadbolt. I’m a super forgetful person so I do things like this to make sure I don’t fuck up :).

  15. Call your fiance tell him to come for the sake of your 4 year’s love. Or simply threat him of no sex. For you that’s the only solution. Or call Chris anyway !!

    • I was wondering about this. How did Chris still has the key? Wasn’t he moved out already? But yeah, thank God for Chris. πŸ™‚

  16. Get a nice chain and start wearing a spare key as a necklace.

  17. smh Will not again ;_;

  18. if you are out with Dobby, maybe you can put extra key around his neck.

  19. How about you put a note on the mirror telling you not forget your keys or something, you can also put a spare key in your car

  20. I have a friend who is just as forgetful as you are and none of the above mentioned tips really worked for him either so I told him to lock his door when he comes home. That way he actually needs his keys when he wants out. Or maybe lower the keyring right next to the doorknob, it’d hard to miss them on your way out.
    I hope who find something that works for you!

  21. My parents are always home so I never have to worry but we do have a back door key at the neighbour’s house, and 1 at my grandma’s house a mile away.

  22. Well since you get locked out when walking Dobby perhaps you can attach it to his collar

  23. Loving the new website

  24. LANYARD! Do you ever see people have a lanyard hanging out of their pocket? Put your car key, house key, key chains, etc. on it. Plus, it’s stylish and kind of sexy πŸ˜‰ haha.

  25. awww will you need to stop doing that to yourself

  26. Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes, I put a copy of my key under the sole padding. You don’t notice it really. I’ve never been locked out, no matter what pair I’m wearing!

  27. Well myself I have a newer car, and I’m not sure if the U.S has this in there cars but like mine is a 2011 chev cruze with Onstar. which is basically like a security system in my car, it has sensors all over the car, and a emergency call button and such (and Bluetooth) one of it’s main features is to be able to turn off the car if reported stolen, and to be able to call them (the onstar people) to unlock your car if you happen to get locked out. So i put my spare house keys in there. I haven’t had to try it yet, so i’m not sure if the signal would work with where my cars parked(in a carport) however it seemed like a cool feature. The selling fact for the subscription to Onstar was the emergency response if i get into an accident. However the car has it’s faults too. I mention that because I believe you may be vehicle shopping at one point..

  28. Put a key on Dobby’s collar.

  29. Will, just make a necklace with your key on it. Neck-chain or thong, and key πŸ˜›
    Simple, cheap and effective πŸ˜›

  30. I really like having a code lock, they aren’t that expensive and shouldn’t mangle the door, you should look into it.

  31. They have those fancy shoes with a key holder in the sole, maybe you should invest! Also I know you said you didn’t like the necklace idea but what if it was on a chain instead of a lanyard that way you could wear it under your shirt like dog tags.

  32. Get Lockitron. It fits over your deadbolt, so it’s movable & you can lock / unlock your door using your iPhone from anywhere in the world. Super cool & perfect for rental living.

    Lockitron dot com

  33. I actually had the same problem till I purchased and installed a key safe in an out of sight location near my doorway. The safe is solid, has a user selectable combination and attaches to a wall or railing with screws through the inside back of the safe. I put a complete backup set of keys in there just in case I misplace any key. It has already saved me embarrassment a few times. I believe I purchased it at Home Depot.

  34. I keep a spare key on the inside of my phone case with a spare Β£5 so that if i lose my key or wallet i can still get home and get in !!

  35. The sign by your door is a waste of time. From a human psychology issue, opening a door and leaving is a lower brain function than reading a sign. We aren’t in “sign reading mode” when we interact with doors. It’s why we “push” on doors that say “Pull” and “pull” on doors that say “push”. It’s not our fault. The door designers have created confusing visual queues that imply one action when another is meant to be taken. (they often will hide the hinges for aesthetic reasons that would otherwise indicate which way a door opens). When the interface is standardized, we usually don’t screw up.

    Sign by your door is pointless. Although a visual symbol might be helpful. We don’t read but we do pattern recognize (which is why the red octagon for a stop sign works). A big picture of a key might be a good visual indicator or move the key hook to eye level.

    Or put your keys with the leash… so that you’ll always remember to pick up the keys with the leash. (association).

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