July 23, 2017
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<i>A Living Will</i> Travel Blog
Have you guys read my new "A Living Will" Travel Blog?

A Living Will Travel Blog

I thought my travel blog deserved it’s own plug on Not Adam and Steve. Gotta get in that shameless self promotion, especially now that the daily vlogs are at an end.

The idea to create a travel blog came to me after going on an intense run to the top of Runyon Canyon after I heard the news about my brain aneurysm growing in size. My aneurysm is something I’ve lived with for a while, so I’ve grown accustomed to its constant threat on my life, but the fact that it had never changed made it easy to cope, and almost ignore altogether. However, after that fateful night in the hospital, I soon learned once again that life is more fragile than I was willing to accept.


The news was suffocating, and my apartment felt like a cage, so I went for a run. It was mid-afternoon so Runyon Canyon was vacant; my path was clear right up to the very top. After collapsing on the benches, I sat for what felt like forever and looked over Los Angeles. Most days, the smog makes it impossible to see anything, but the air was so clear that day. The sun glittered off the water and distant hills towards the south seemed to close and so approachable. There was so much beauty that surrounded me, but I had never really stopped to take it in, and I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason why. I was spending so much time focusing on shit that was distracting me from what living really was: enjoying your time while you’re here.

I’ve followed a few travel channels on YouTube and even one or two travel blogs, but have never had to courage to start one of my own. After the hospital, I ran out of excuses. I knew one day, maybe even soon, I wouldn’t be able to start a travel blog much less turn on a computer or even take a breath, so I decided the excuses were done. I would devote my time to what was important to ME. As a teenager in high school, I discovered the notion of owning my own happiness, but life sometimes has ways of distracting you from what’s most important, and sometimes it takes something serious to give you the wakeup call you need.


As a little kid, my parents would take my brother and me on trips to random campgrounds throughout the South. Back then, it was pretty fun, but now it’s one of the most pleasant parts of my childhood. Even taking my tent and camping out in the middle of the woods by my house was an awesome way to spend the weekend. Most people I knew growing up wouldn’t have said I was an outdoorsy type, but I certainly consider myself to be outdoorsy now, and I won’t let anything stop me.

I want to see every National Park in the United States before I die.

Go over to A Living Will to see my progress. Maybe you’ll be inspired to go somewhere you’ve never been before.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. Ronald Conception

    You’ve inspired so many people to go to places where they themselves may not have gone alone, but they took you with them on their personal journeys, and that has made all the difference. Hats off to you, Will.

  2. When I was 18, my boyfriend and I had the dream of making the World Tour before really start our responsible adult life, when we were at college in her studies of medicine in my study of economics is made this bet, each had two jobs on was saving everything and then we made it a year we left , we could not make a problem for the Oceania visa life we returned and resumed a year later he died in a car accident and since it is difficult for me to have a dream but for some time I am better and thanks to you and your vlogs in November I left my native France for a great trip to a half months in Canada in New Orleans and a whole month through California or I will visit Joshua Tree … then yes you must dream and realize these dreams and put those fears at the door because life is too short to be shy and ask a thousand questions … Thank you guys … I hope the best for you guys , your dreams come true .you deserve it. I’am a French girl and I am a new subcribers ( few months) you’re so inspire me , life , mental health, love , hapiness … love u

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