June 27, 2017
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In This Shirt

I’ve been obsessed with this song for a long time and I think the video speaks a lot about the gay community. I figured it’d be appropriate to share and wanted to see what you guys thought. It’s a strange video but there’s so much meaning behind everything. I think it’s beautiful.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. Parker Elizabeth

    Wow! I absolutely adore this song. You’re right, Will. It is beautiful. And this video just left me speechless. it’s music videos like these that I love the most. The ones that actually have meaning, and the ones that make you think. Thank you for sharing this with us. I will definitely be sure to pass this on to the people that I believe would appreciate this piece of art as well!

  2. Love this!! I am now going to be putting this on repeat while I attempt to write a paper! <3

  3. This puts me in mind of the Peter Greenaway/Michael Nyman collaborations in the early-mid 1980s, esoteric, disturbing and packed with hidden meaning.

  4. Truly beautiful.

  5. I don’t exactly understand it. It sounds very interesting. I can’t put my finger on it but i do like it.

  6. WOW! It’s like getting punched, but each one is part of the same fight. Or video in this case. Keep it up!

  7. Beautiful song and powerful video. The song sounded eerily familiar though. I looked back to a program for a dance show I teched nearly two years ago and was instantly reminded of a piece to this song. The performance was in tribute to my English teacher that year, who at that point was battling brain cancer and has since passed away. Listening to it, I was once again moved to tears. It’s incredible the ways we connect to songs.

  8. I play their music all the time in my yoga classes. Love that song.

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