June 27, 2017
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Harry Potter – Your Favorite and Why

Harry Potter – Your Favorite and Why

If you’ve been following our vlogs on YouTube (and if you aren’t – then howww did you find this website lol), you’ll know that I’ve been recently rereading the Harry Potter series while doing the bookclub. I reached a very sad part in the book we’re reading for bookclub, so I needed a pick me up, and what better way to do that than Harry Potter? There was a tumblr post that put it adequately:

“A moment of silence for all the books on your bookshelf that you pass to read Harry Potter for the 15th time.”

There really isn’t much for me to say about the series because I’m sure we all here share the same enthusiasm for the series, but I’m more interested in discovering what your favorite Harry Potter book is and why. I did a short survey on Instagram/Facebook and received some surprising results. It seems like answers are all over the board. I was expecting maybe the last 4 to be the most prominent, but I was wrong.

My answer: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The Ravenclaw in me is rearing its head with this. I LOVE the fact that the students take their education into their own hands and use it against the Ministry. This was the exact type of student I was in high school. I can’t tell you how many times my mom got a call from the school because I had been fighting, not with students, but with my teachers. If I felt like my time was being wasted or that the teacher was wrong, I made it known (I’m more pleasant and cordial now, I promise). I would have been the person to form Dumbledore’s Army. NERD.

What about you? In the comments below, tell me your favorite and what it means to you personally. This is super interesting to me (duh because Harry Potter is involved).


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Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. My personal favorite was the Deathly Hallows. The reason that it is my favorite has nothing to do with it being the last book, it is Professor Mcgonagall’s courage as well as the students to take a stand against Voldemort.

    Plus the part where she brought the statues to life to guard the school cracked me up. But thats all I’m going to say on the book I feel like for those who have not read or watched the movie I may have given more away than I should have already.

  2. Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite. It’s action packed right the way through and keeps you guessing at the mystery, at least the first time. Nothing better than thinking you’re going to hate someone (Sirius Black) and coming to love them so deeply by the end of the book. I’m always partial to adventures in which good triumphs over evil, which is the bloodline of Potter, of course, and I’m still completely obsessed with the books and movies. As an author, they constantly inspire my own writing. Hard to truly claim a favorite

  3. Laura Aleman Striplin

    I have wondered for years how I would answer this question and I have found that my answer is as it was when I was first asked. I read books as if they are on a film reel and I visualize each and every word that is being used to describe the world we are being shown. I have always thought of the books as one large piece of work – different chapters of the same one, with the series being one continuous telling. The beautiful love stories between friends and family members throughout the books tether them together. If I was forced to pick one, though, I would say Deathly Hallows, as it is the culmination of the greatest and most unselfish depiction of love. If Snape did not love Lily Potter more than he hated James, Voldy would not have gone moldy and he would have won. Love does not die just because you are not with the person that means everything to you. Love does not have to be all cute and cuddly. Love is sweet and kind, but it can also rip your heart to shreds while at the same time being cruel enough to let you live on. Snape really was the bravest one of the series. Maybe he would not have been if Lily never came into his life and he could have been a true Death Eater to the end. Maybe he would have had a different path if he had a happier childhood. In part, we are what are circumstances make us. Deathly Hallows showed the enormous sacrifices that Snape made and it showed Harry’s recognition of those sacrifices when it was revealed that he named his son after him. The strength and the passion of Snape’s love for Lily is what made Deathly Hallows my fave.

  4. My favorite book is the last one, The Deathly Hallows. I feel like its the peak and downfall of a roller coaster , covering many locations, being very exciting, taking many twists and turns and bringing back characters from previous books and reminding us why we love the series in the first place. I think the final book is like the series finale of a great tv show like the west wing or something, you laugh, you cry and at the end you clap your hands and say bravo J.K. Rowling. Also the fact that Molly Weasley shouts “BITCH” and its like 8x the size of the normal print is pretty great!

  5. Matthew F. Johnson

    I Love all the books, obviously (I read the whole series 10 times), but if I had to choose just one I would choose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love all the new characters that are introduced like Fleur, more house elves, victor, and even death eaters. I like Hermoine’s transformation from little girl to a woman. I adore the thrill of the Triwizard tournament, ESPECIALLY THE SPHINX IN THE MAZE THAT QUIZZES HARRY AND ISN’T IN THE MOVIE!! I also think the globalization in the fourth book, how they incorporate other wizarding countries and schools, makes the Wizarding World feel more immense and visceral than any other book does. Personally, I liked hearing about the kitchens of Hogwarts and the house elves in this book, because I’m a culinary student at the CIA. It is also the first book that Voldemort returns to his human form and all the action really starts heating up. I definitely love the Fourth book best… but, Will, Order of the phoenix is my second favorite ;).

    Love, an adoring fan of You, RJ, and Dobby,


  6. Ive read all the books and have all the dvds. if I had to choose deathyl hallows only because harry defeats voldemort once n for always and I love happy endings. but!! I love all the movies tho!

  7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my favorite because it the first time you see harry and ron friendship tested and them still able to be friends after their fight.

  8. Thanks heaps, Will, for getting me to start the whole series again (bypassing all the other books I should be reading ;-). IDK if I can choose one; my favorite part about the series, though, is the sense of wonder Harry maintains, even when things are very dark indeed.

  9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is both my favorite book and movie. It’s my favorite book because it was the first one I read cover-to-cover (I know. I read them out of order.) It was also the fact that it was the first book I’d ever read that was so easy to become part of the world. I was able to see it as I was reading, which is something I hadn’t really experienced with other books (at least, none that I can remember.) It was really cool because I read it in two weeks (the fastest I’d ever read anything) the summer before my 8th grade year while at the daycare center/summer school where I spent every summer between 4th grade and 9th grade and all the teachers knew me. So, it didn’t matter who’s room I ended up in, as long as I didn’t disturb their class, I could always sit in the corner where no one really knew I was there and read with out disruptions. I think this is partly why it’s also my favorite movie, but it also has to do with the fact that when it came out, I was at a similar point in my life and was dealing with similar (non-magical, unfortunately) situation. Plus, Hermione punched Draco in the face, let’s get real…long story short, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite!

  10. My personal favorite is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I love this one so much because of the introduction of so many new and interesting characters. I’ll admit that Harry himself annoyed me a lot throughout this book, but I can still relate to his struggle exponentially. I love this book so much though because it introduces us to characters such as Tonks, Luna, and Kinsley. It shows us all that no matter who you are or where you come from, we can all be friends and work together for a better future. It shows this through the Order as well as the D.A. and me being a outcast and loner myself, find so much comfort from the fact that other loners and outcasts, aren’t so alone after all. This book represents the sense of community and love. It shows us that our enemies have history, via Snape’s memory, and may not be as bad as we thought. It shows us that no matter who we are, we can come together and that we aren’t so alone. It shows us that just because we are going through a hard time, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. It shows us “that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

  11. Oddly enough for me, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has always been my favourite book because of my sheer hatred Dolores Umbridge; her sheer cruelty, prejudice and flagrant hypocrisy are an affront to everything I stand for and as such reading the fifth book is an exercise in personal torment. Her character really struck a chord with me and so, as much as I actually hate reading the fifth book because of her, I see it as really important that I have read it and continue to reread it.

  12. I feel so bad for being so late in reading the Harry Potter series but I knew it wasn’t something I could miss out on. I’ve seen ever movie like 20 times but I have always wanted to read the books. I am only 17 so I guess it’s good but I feel like everyone read them when they were 10 or something. But anyway, based on the movies (since I’m barely at the Prisoner of Azkaban), my favorite has to be The Half-Blood Prince. I enjoyed how the characters became very mature and here is where the story really developed and become more dramatic. I feel like The Order of the Phoenix could have been my favorite if there weren’t so many sad and depressing occurrences.

  13. Daniel Michael Coupe

    Of course i love all the books like most people. but i have to say that my favourite has to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As i find it so satisfying to be able to see how far the characters have progressed since the first book. I was always the one who dragged my mum the the bookstore at god knows what time in the morning to queue up to be omen of the first to read the book. The book made me sad, happy, angry, i cried a bit as well, but that was the magic of J.K Rowling she knew how to make her audience connect with the books, and it did feel like part of me was over now that the story was over.

  14. Even though most would disagree with me, my favorite is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. That was the first book of the series I ever read (so that makes it extra special), but what I really loved was that it was a lot different to the previous books (which I absolutely love as well). This book starts to show a darker side of the world and the beginnings of the war, you also start to a different side to the characters, for example: Ginny being portrayed as a young woman, Draco not being as ‘evil’ as he was throughout the earlier books (and more scared), and also showing love interests (and the real start of Romione). It shows how the characters are growing up, but also how they are trying to hold onto the last of their childhoods However I did think the movie totally let it down and I don’t blame you Will for only just watching it

  15. I love Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I have decided to read the books as I had only read all the way through 5-7. I loved the idea of the education, as I am an educator myself. I just was always fascinated with that part of the world. I love being able to immerse myself in it. I find excitement for the career I’m still going to school for being able to read it. The one thing that I find kind of sad with the books though is I kind of do a book club with my students I teach, and I wanted to do Harry Potter, but of course…I was told I should take caution due to the content in it…I’m annoyed by that fact as it is known as one of the greatest pieces of literature in the modern era. How is it then that we cannot share this with kids then?

  16. First of, I always thought to b a Ravenclaw… but turns out I’m a Slytherin(sort of knew from the back of my head and couldnt b more proud)… that said, I have to confess my love for Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix for three basic reasons:

    1- it’s the first time I read a more grown Harry, willing to challenge the story and question what happens arround him.

    2- it’s the first time Harry is seen as a leader and Hermione feels the rush of rule braking, besides outdoing herself with the DA logistics.

    3- last but not least, by the time the book was released in my country(I’mfromVenezuela) there was a whole thing w the ministry of education triying to interfere in public schools(did not come to happen after a lot of fights and debates,my mom is a teacher, as currently am I) but I could relate a lot to the situations presented… the fact that toad face looked a lot like the “secretaria de educacion” at the time made it even worse hehehe

  17. My favorite book is The Half-Blood Prince. I love how you see the sterotypical teenager lifestyle of Ron, Harry, and Hermione. They’re all experiencing serious relationships and I can connect with that. I also love how you see into Draco Malfoy’s character. You finally get to see how much he’s hurting and struggling with his father and the Death Eaters, which shows that he can be in pain too. He may be a jerk but he has so much he has to deal with. He’s a human being with emotions too, ya know! He’s most definitely my favorite character, hands down.

  18. it’s soooo crazy how the favorites vary so much! i remember running a poll on the NAAS facebook page and it was the same way. god i love harry potter.

  19. Somehow after thinking about it my favorite book is actually a tie between the Half blood prince and Order of the Phoenix i always find it difficult to pick between those two maybe because i love them for all the different reasons the Order of the Phoenix because of the whole story of Umbridge and DA (need i mention the twins part in this book) but also because of the relationship Harry and Serious have in this book. That said i cant get over the Half blood prince. The insight in Draco’s and Snape’s mind is awesome, also a girl in me comes through with all the relationship stuff in this book and also their friendship in this book is amazing. Reading about Dumbledore’s death was probably the most sad i’ve ever been reading a book so that throws me off a little bit just like Serious’s death in the Order of the Pheonix. So again i’m at a crossroad and cant decide. oh well

  20. I have a love/hate relationship with Order of the Phoenix. It’s my favorite, but also the one that makes me the most sad and most frustrated. When I was younger, it encompassed the kind of student I was- passionate about my education and willing to fight for it. Now that I’m growing older and now that I’m studying education, it stands as a reminder of the extreme flaws in the education system. Delores pushes a theoretical knowledge above actual knowledge claiming that this will be suffice to survive in the wizarding world. This parallels towards a standardized education focused on standardized testing. All of the educational decrees symbolize the ever shrinking autonomy that educators have within their classrooms. At least in the novel the kids ban together and fight for their education, perhaps their is hope for our educational system yet.

  21. My favorite book has always been Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I love it so much because it has such a great storyline, and I love the dragon fight scene (the mermaid scene too) but it has always been my favorite.

    Until recently, I thought I was a Gryffindor, but then I realized, I’m brave, but not selfless, which I would say Gryffindor’s are, and because they are always good guys, now, I am a proud Slytherin, ambitious, and cunning, much like the snake. (I was sorted on Pottermore)

  22. I love all. I hate endings makes me so sad. I dont read the last part on HP7 when they’re all grown up with children… I think that the book that makes me so exciting is the 3rd.

  23. Ok so my favorite parts about the last couple of book is Neville Longbottom. I like most HP fans always found him and Luna (in later books) to sort of be a comic relief. Yes we do see him stand up for himself in the first book although Hermione just destroys that. In the Order of the Phoenix we see him really flourish under Harry’s teaching and for the last few lessons being surpassed by only Hermione and he helps at the ministry really displaying his courage. In the HBP he joins in the fight against the Death Eaters when they enter Hogwarts. And in the final book he helps arrange the resistance right in the school. He really proves that the sorting hat made the right choice putting him in Gryffindor. Neville is the character I have come to care the most about in the series besides the three main characters. As for my favorite book I will never be able to choose so the last three are in fact tied for that honor. Easily my second favorite after the last three is Prisoner of Azkban. Then Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire and finally Sorcerer’s Stone. That one is last only because I hate the Dursleys. Not so much Dudley anymore but his parents.

  24. My favorite, hands down, has always been Order of the Phoenix as well. I’ve read it so many times, I wore out my copy and had to buy a new one (still have the original for nostalgic purposes). I have plenty of reasons for loving it so much, including:

    1) The way Harry stepped up and decided that he wasn’t going to just wait around helplessly for Voldemort to reveal himself was pretty powerful. Rather than listen to authority, which most of us are raised to respect and not question, he didn’t care and spoke out, even though it made him more unpopular.

    2) The new villains added in this story, particularly Umbridge and Bellatrix added something. Up until this point, the only antagonists we met were all male and kind of the same. With the exception Voldemort, all of the male villains seemed pretty weak in my eyes. Pettigrew, the sniveling coward, and Quirell, the tool. Any powerful women we met were always good and that was that. Then Umbridge came along and made me hate her so much to the point that I wanted to jump into the pages and throttle her. Then Bellatrix, one of my favorite characters, because for one of the first times, I saw a female character that was powerful, evil, actively participated in fights, and wasn’t just some low ranked follower because she was a woman. These characters just added more depth to the story.

    3) The growth and introduction of other characters (Ginny, Neville, Luna, etc.) added more depth to these characters. Up until this point, Ginny hadn’t been portrayed as much more than a little girl with a crush on the hero and couldn’t really take care of herself. Now she came forward as a formidable young witch, coming into her own in many ways. Neville was very much the same way, along with the development on his parents added more feeling to him. And Luna is just amazing in every way. She doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of her and has no problem being herself, a very admirable trait.

    I could go on and on, but this was just my absolute favorite book of the series, and of all time.

  25. What I DIDN’T like about Order of the Phoenix was that our protagonists didn’t even get to Hogwarts until almost half way through the book. The school and its characters are the best part of the series, so having to wade through pages of what The Order were up to frustrated me a little (I still loved it though, obviously). My favourite is either Half Blood Prince (SO many back-stories which opened up the characters to us even more) or Deathly Hallows – I just couldn’t believe the final book was SO good and JK still had imagination left in her to think up the Hallows and all that surrounds them. Plus, Harry’s final fight.. wow. x

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