June 27, 2017
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Harry Potter House Shots

Harry Potter House Shots

If you’ve been following our channel for more than a week or so, then chances are that you’ve seen us, on at least one occasion, do “House Shots”, which are mixed, flavored shots based off of the different Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter. If we’re feeling particularly geeky, we’ll even host a “Sorting Ceremony”, where we read the Sorting Hat poem from the first novel while everyone from each house does their shot (the ceremony is around the 10:50 mark).

Yeah, we’re super nerdy. Get on our level.

Anyways, I’ve gotten message after message asking where we got the recipes and what they are. The whole idea of Harry Potter drinks stemmed from a post on BuzzFeed that we saw a couple of years back. That post included House Shots, House Drinks, as well as drinks themed off of different spells and characters.

We’ve kept the recipes mostly the same, save for one, which we’ll discuss at the end. Without further ado, here are the recipes we use for Harry Potter House Shots.

1/2 Cinnamon Aftershock
1/2  Goldschläger

Pour the Aftershock first, then shake up the Goldschläger so that a few gold flakes make it into the shot as you pour it. If you’re familiar with liqueurs at all, you’ll know that this combo makes for a very cinnamon-y shot. It suits Gryffindors really well: it has a very strong and imposing flavor. If you’re used to the heat, it’s delicious. If not, it’s torture.

1/2 chilled vodka
1/2 Blue Curacao

We always pour the vodka first, and then layer enough Curacao on top to turn the shot blue. The Ravenclaw doesn’t fuck around, much like Ravenclaws themselves. They just want to get drunk, so their shot is the most alcoholic, with just an added touch of flavor and color to make it go down a little easier (but not much easier)

1/2 Creme de Menthe
1/2 Kahlua

We do our Slytherin shot just a tad bit differently, without the vodka from the original recipe. This shot is already alcoholic enough, but you’d never know it when you take it. This shot is dangerous, since it’s so damn delicious. It’s just like Slytherins: nice to your face while doing all kinds of nasty shit to you behind your back.

1/2 Limoncello
1/2 Kraken rum

Our Hufflepuff is completely different from the original. The original mixes banana liqueur and Yagermeister, two things that we absolutely can’t stand. So we decided to concoct this mix: the limoncello makes the shot seem sweet and innocent at first, and then the Kraken comes in and punches you in the face. Hufflepuffs seem sweet and innocent too…until you cross them. Then they come out of nowhere and fuck your shit up.

The shot glasses from the featured image are from an Etsy shop called PuppyBaoCreations. We don’t currently own them but we probably will at some point. Oh, and if you decide to conduct your own Sorting Ceremony, know that the Sorting Ceremony in the book takes place in Chapter 9 of the first book, and the rhyme starts on page 117 of the original American hardback version. Also, this should go without saying, but don’t drink unless you’re of legal age.

Have fun guys! Hope you guys enjoy these!

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  1. I’ve had Goldschlager and AfterShock on many occasions, but never together. That must be so cinnamony

  2. Gryffindor will kill me, omfg. Too spice.

  3. I won’t be playing that game, it would seem. The Captain and I have a deal. I don’t cheat on him and I don’t wake up sick as hell 😉

  4. I think my preference would be for Ravenclaw and Slytherin; works out well as the JKR site sorted me into Ravenclaw.

    Also it’s Jagermeister 😀

  5. I’m a proud Hufflepuff and I love the change you made to the shot. I hated the original recipe! I also really liked the description you have for Hufflepuff as well. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  6. Awesome shots will try them all once

  7. These are good, but I really want to know what you were giving Matt during your Drunk Pumpkin Carving night.

  8. Hey will and rj

  9. I really want to try this!

  10. You should come to Tucson AZ we have HP shots


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