July 21, 2017
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Fiance Tag / Beyonce Tag

Fiance Tag / Beyonce Tag

IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! After months and months of trying and teasing and promising…fiance tag is finally here!

For those of you who don’t know what I mean, years ago, Will and I did a tag video on my personal channel called “Boyfriend Tag”, where we answered a pre-written set of questions about our relationship and how it started and so on.

The video received an AMAZING response, and ever since it was released, people have been begging us to do a second video where we answer questions that have been submitted to us. We tried doing “Boyfriend Tag 2” on Will’s channel, but the idea of editing together such a long video, especially after editing seven videos a week on his main channel, proved to be just a little bit too much. We even filmed “Boyfriend Tag 2” with hopes that it would inspire Will to edit the video together. But then, alas, we got engaged. And then Will decided to turn his second channel into a gaming channel.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and film fiance tag and put it on my channel. Of course, if you’ve been following us for long enough, you’ll know that we have an inside joke about the word “fiance”. See, there’s no male and female versions of the word. Not that we really care to assign gender to the term. But when Will and I do reference the other as “my fiance” in a conversation with a stranger, that stranger almost always assumes that the person we’re referring to is female. So we wanted to coin a term that made it clear that the “fiance” we were referring to was a guy. Then we realized that BOY + FIANCE = BEYONCE. And who doesn’t love Beyonce?

Anyways, here’s the video! We hope that you guys like this video as much or even more than the original Boyfriend Tag video!

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  1. How will Florida work out, as I thought they had a constitutional ban on marriage equality? Would you just have a ceremony there and then obtain a marriage license in California (or vice versa?)

  2. This is one cute thingy 😀

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. And the release of it seemed appropriately timed given today’s daily vlog. I thought it was a great tag. I did find it funny that a lot of the questions you were asked were ones you were also asked (and answered) during the Sunday kikis. Speaking of, see you Sunday (ok, you won’t see me, but I’ll be there).

  4. you guys are so cute

  5. i loved this vid guys!!! your relationship makes me so happy 🙂

  6. Sooooooooo cute !!!! love ya guys !!!! <3

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