May 3, 2016
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Engagement Pics

Engagement Pics

Just wanted to share our engagement pics with you guys. Go thank Wren for putting these together.






About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.
  • Zach Laug

    Great photos! You guys are soo cute & these have been all over tumblr haha

  • Christopher Campbell

    RJ looks so small in the first one… ah, perspective.. gotta love it 😛

  • Sara Truluck

    Dobby is such a baby in these! They’re gorgeous pictures. Congrats :)

  • Valancy Stirling

    Beautiful. Wren is awesome. (good looking subject matters don’t hurt either….)

  • Sanchez19

    That scenery is to die for. Perfect location.

  • Zara

    Oh they are so beautiful. Such a cute family

  • Samantha


  • #TeamCortana

    My favorite is probably #2 and #3. Especially #3; it is so hard to photograph when backlit, I don’t know what Wren did to get it to get around that (maybe HDR?) but it came out great.

    The other ones are cute subject-wise obviously (especially little Dobby), but form-wise they are a little too photoshopped for my tastes. I think if there weren’t too much glow around Will and RJ in #1 and #5 I would like them better.

    • Wren

      haha yeah I got a little carried away with the stylized looks I was going for. I personally like them but I totally see what you’re saying. I can improve on that.

  • Sudipta J C

    This place is beautiful.. Couldn’t be any better place to show your love!! And pics are awesomeee… Wren is an awesome photographer !!

  • ReginaY

    My heart just melted. Wren is such a awesome photographer!

  • rafeed

    RJ looks good but Will needs to lose weight

    • Liam G

      Really? That’s the comment you felt the need to take time out of your life to make on the beautiful engagement pictures they were nice enough to share with us! RJ and Will both look great in these pictures.

    • Rawan

      seriously… seriously? I will never ever understand why people have the need to type things like this, Will & RJ both look great! they are kind enough to share their life with us and this is how you repay them? next time think before you type.

    • Ronja Svensson

      Will is beautiful as fuck

    • Sheena Leigh

      Both Will and RJ look great in these pictures! why can’t you just congratulate them instead of insulting Will?

    • Zakk S. SutCliff

      This coming from someone who doesn’t have a picture of themselves. Let’s not throw stones here mate.

    • Jeremy Yazzie

      Will and RJ are perfect. How dare you! They are role models for gay men and they my personal heroes. Love you both and Dobby too.

    • disqus_8b3JyvuI7W

      It doesn’t matter what you think anyway. R.J.’s the one that’s marrying Will, not you.

  • Liam G

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Makes me so happy to see these. Kudos to Wren on his photog skills!

  • Rawan

    they are really cute! love them

  • Ronja Svensson

    *heart eye emoji*

  • Sheena Leigh

    These pictures are too cute! 😀 Dobby just adds to the cuteness x

  • Paula Skelly

    The pictures are beautiful!! :) and Wren did a fantastic Job with them! :) <3

  • Parker Elizabeth

    Wow, Wren is absolutely amazing! These photos are so gorgeous! You guys have the cutest family. I still get happy when I see stuff from the proposal – it was beautiful.

  • Tiaunna Bradley

    So beautiful. There’s tears

  • christina murray

    sooo cute <3

  • Kai Yang Tay

    Ok, I am going to make these as my pc wallpaper!:)

  • Austin Pullen

    Dobby has gotten so big since these pictures!!!!

  • Eduardo Delgado

    I feel like these are a too over processed to be honest 😡 but great composition and obviously beautiful subjects so :) <3 great pictures guys!

  • Jazz Cook

    Both of you are absolutely gorgeous and these pictures are stunning, but one thing I cannot get over is how much Dobby has grown in the past month! O_O

  • Amber

    Wren knows his stuff! i truly love your guises relationship! i cant explain how much i love you guys!

  • Alan Leung

    in <3

  • AgentL

    I kinna want to see the photo of the “Will you marry me?” moment.

  • Irienid Riios

    OMG! oU are the most beautiful couple ever seen in my life! God fill you with many blessings hugs & kisses from Puerto Rico.

  • Bjorn


  • Dawwmann


  • Kody Boye

    I don’t think I’ve commented on this (or maybe I have,) but even if so, I just wanted to once again state how BEAUTIFUL the colors are in these photos. Wren did such an amazing job with these.

  • Michelle-Ann Rodgers

    Awwwwz so cute like everyday i go back and i watch the engagement vids i love them so much

  • Fonda Smith

    OMG Dobby was so small. Congratz you guys really great pics.

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