June 27, 2017
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It’s pretty safe to say that EDM (or Electronic Dance Music for those of you out there not cool enough to speak in acronyms) has soared to its highest level of popularity yet. Four or five years ago, musicians like Deadmau5 and Skrillex were relative unknowns. Now, every frat guy and sorority chick is planning trips to festivals like Ultra, EDC, TomorrowWorld… Not to mention that pop stars are releasing songs that sound like they’ve already been remixed. And of course, once a genre starts peaking in popularity, we start getting flooded with all of these different artists trying to climb their way to the top and claim their piece of the pie. This makes it impossible to sort out the relative unknowns and separate the so-so wannabes from the true diamonds in the rough.

3LAU++LALuckily, I’ve managed to find you lovely subscribers a diamond, one whose talented and cute as a button. Meet Justin Blau, AKA DJ 3LAU, a rising star who combines subgenres like the bootleg and the remix to create a tapestry of tracks that he calls “dance floor filth”. 3LAU is a great DJ for hardcore EDM fans and casual listeners alike, since he loves to take Top 40 vocals and throw them in with some of the best and most popular electronic tracks out there.  If you need an example of just how good he is at it, check out a track of his called “Girls Who Save the World“. It’s a bit old, but it’s the track that made me first fall in love back in 2011. 3LAU takes the song “Pressure” by Nadia Ali and lays some Britney, Adele, and Dragonette, and Swedish House Mafia on top of it. He’s already been doing that kind of shit for years, despite only being only 21 years old. But perhaps my favorite tracks of his are his regular “3LAU HAUS” mixes, which are these half-our-long megamixes he does where he seamlessly blends together a few of his tracks with a few other hot songs and remixes. Put together a playlist of all of these, and it’s like he’s your personal DJ for 8 or so hours. Just hit the play button on top to see what I mean. Or, if you don’t want to stay on this page for the next several hours, you can always download all his stuff for free. So yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

3lau2What I find most impressive is the fact that he does all these mixes, goes on tour, and still manages a full course load at Washington University in St. Louis. So yeah, while most of us were skipping class, playing beer pong, and trying to get laid in our spare time at college, homeboy leads a full double life as a kickass DJ (although I do hope he can still occasionally spare time to get laid). Oh, and he’s got a soft spot for this charity called “Pencils of Promise“, which works to build schools around the world for kids in need. How much more awesome can one guy get?

Oh wait, did I mention that he’s incredibly cute? I did? Well, it’s certainly worth mentioning again.

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  1. I’ve fallen in love with 3LAU HAUS #18 (Night Riot). This guy is pretty fucking awesome, in my opinion.

  2. Sorry, although I respect you greatly, I don’t have sufficient paracetamol to cope with electronic music.

  3. Good stuff.

  4. Thought I would check this out after hearing it in today’s vlog. Glad I stopped by 🙂

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeQ31jQNAVI Proximity has great remixes (if you like EDM that is), and this one is my favorite atm 🙂

  6. OK… my ears have seen the light! Thanks RJ!

  7. Omg, why am I just discovering this. Three down, and its so good.

  8. I love Progressive House and Electro and 3LAU is killing it this year. I’m a total addict when it comes to EDM……….

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