July 23, 2017
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Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

So we all know that there are four chambers of the heart, right? Left/right atrium/ventricle? Well, let’s say one of those chambers is reserved for the show, Desperate Housewives. I remember the first season when it aired back when I was 15. My mother and I were obsessed. It has so much juicy drama to sink your teeth into, while at the same time being so seemingly normal Suburbia.

I love the different personalities represented on Wisteria Lane (the street on which the show takes place). You have Gaby, the spoiled bombshell who gets anything she wants; Lynette, the over-worked, over-stressed mother of 392498274 kids but who also has an adoring husband; Susan, the overdramatic klutz who manages to bring chaos everywhere she goes; Edie, the vixen who’s proud of it; and then we have my favorite: Bree, who is viewed as the most “perfect” housewife on the street, but has many secrets and failures of her own.

I absolutely love love love Bree, but let me explain why. Growing up, my household was exactly as it was with the Van De Kamps, minus the close relationship with Rex, the father. My mother tried her best to keep all of her emotions inside her in order to ensure our family be as perfect and as normal as possible, and nearly killed herself cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, caring about mine and my brother’s school/social life, and still having a full time job. I must admit, my childhood was made to be much easier because of my relationship with my mother, and I see a lot of my mother in the character, Bree Van De Kamp.

I guess it has to do with the fact that my childhood was so terrible and that my mother was one of the few people who actually made it better. You want to talk about over-protective? Holy shit. My mom would hardly stand up for herself, but if you were to threaten her children, her tongue would fork and flames would erupt in her eyes. So I always felt like I had her on my side when I had to deal with the bullying episodes that were so frequent growing up.

I think that is what makes a good show: the ability to find something so relatable and attaching yourself to a character. That’s certainly what happened to Desperate Housewives and me. And to think I’ve only watched the first four seasons – I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT FINISHING. That would explain why you see me watching them constantly in our videos haha.

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