July 23, 2017
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Coming Out Live to Mother

Ryan sent this video to my tumblr inbox and I thought it was too good not to share. Make sure to head over to the video and give him some love. It takes a lot of courage to come out and especially film the experience and post one of your most vulnerable moments online for the world to see. Kudos to him, and kudos to his mom for her perfect reaction.

About Will

Will is a recent graduate from Florida State University and transplant to Los Angeles who makes the occasional video on YouTube documenting his life with his fiancé and German Shepherd.


  1. Nicolás Pourtalé

    Amazing, thanks will. this gives me (closeted ) a lot of courage.

  2. This is such an amazing video, made me tear up a bit (which never happens often).

    • Made me tear up too. Though I also teared up watching 30 seconds of Elf. But I shed special tears for coming out stories, and I think the reason for all of my crying is the bottled up emotion I have still being in the closet.

  3. bring up my tears actually

  4. This is absolutely perfect. You’re so brave, Ryan. You won’t know it right away but you definitely have touched so many lives. Congratulations! 🙂

    • And I sent this to my Mom (since I came out similar to Ryan) and she started crying and couldn’t express how happy she was for him. These was her exact words: “no one should have to be scared of telling someone who they are…people need to just be accepted…no questions asked <3"

  5. BRB, gonna go cry for a while.

  6. Darrell Crabtree II

    You are one brave soul Ryan (tears)…Congrats!! Man and HOW U DOIN in the words of me and wendy williams

  7. Love you Ryan!!!!! It’s gets easier after the hard ones….

  8. this brought tears to my eyes, more moms should be like this. this absolutely amazing. Ryan is a very lucky man! I wish him nothing but the best.

  9. Ryan, thank you for sharing this with us. I know it must have taken a LOT of strength and courage to have this talk with your mom. And, she ROCKS as you obviously know. I love how she kept saying “so glad you didn’t hit and kill a pedestrian”! 🙂 // I have teenagers myself, and hope the conversation would be this loving and open if one of my kids needed to have this talk with me.

  10. Awe. I almost started crying! Congratulations, Ryan! <3

  11. Absolutely amazing!! Much love to Ryan and to his mom for being so perfect.

  12. ryan its wonderful that you come to terms with yourself,your mom is wonderful in saying that it did not matter amazing mother you have and you have a lot of people that are behide youand if you need to talk or to help you in anyway they can so your not alone! we love you for being you .

  13. We can fight to everyone else, and ignore everyone, but our mothers. It’s really hard to stay away from your mom. And when mothers react like that, is like everything is great in this world. When Ryan’s mother said “I though some thing awful happened” I completely cried out!! much love <3

  14. This is how a mother is supposed to react. Love her son no matter what. Ryan this was a very brave thing to do. Not only coming out to your mother but doing in on camera. I wish all parents could be like her but unfortunately they’re not. The parents who don’t have unconditional love for their kids don’t deserve to be called parents. I’m happy for you Ryan, very much.

  15. Very brave, Ryan, congratulations! And THAT is how you handle it if you’re a parent! Kudos to Mom. (now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll dry my eyes and wash my face).

  16. That is so awesome! I’m really happy for Ryan because it’s always hard telling someone you love that you’re gay and it’s great that his mom reacted so well! 🙂

  17. His mom’s first reaction is actually quite funny, besides being the best way to react. She did a great job, even more than the actual “son coming out to his mom”. She’s an inspiration, and many more mothers should react like this! She is so supportive and nice about it! This video makes me smile and think that a better future for gay people is a very possible thing. ^^

  18. Why couldn’t my mom have reacted this way…

    • I’m sorry your mom didn’t have this reaction. Just please know it has nothing to do with how amazing of a person you are but rather an issue she has to work out with herself.

  19. Hello Everybody out here, I’d really appreciate if Will and RJ support LGBT rights we’re fighting in India. On Dec 11 the Indian Supreme Court has upheld criminalising homosexuality again post 2009 Delhi High court judgement which had decriminalised it. Please we need international voices in order to put pressure on decriminalising homosexuality in our country, need your support too……………

  20. I didn’t cry pfft……

  21. Wow!! Very touching!! My parents don’t know that I’m gay yet. A reaction like this would be phenomenal, but I fear the opposite!

  22. This made me cry :’)

  23. It’s just perfect when your family take it so well like this. I hope more and more people, take their own personal experiences, which will then give others the courage they need during times of need, I know I did and YouTube is a great place to turn.
    Very emotanal indeed.

    Hat’s of to this young man and his mother.

  24. That moment when he was hugging his mum at the begging. As someone who came out this year the memories of that absolute dread, that sink in your stomach as you wait and try to gather all your strength just to say some little words. That moment hit me more then anything.

  25. This video is truly amazing. I live in an anti-gay household so watching this video gave me some courage. I found out that I was gay last summer and I have come out to my close friends and my brother( he is also anti-gay and has told my that he is ashamed to have a gay sister) but I have not come out to my mother because I am scared of what she will do. My mother is anti-gay to the extreme. I hate having to hide.

  26. Amazing, couldn’t stop crying. I’m so happy for him!

  27. This is too strong for me. This is way too strong I can’t deal with it. I don’t have enough courage to deal with it. I am way too weak for this. I will NEVER come out to my parents or close friends. (Obv. Closeted) I don’t care if i have to run away or if I have to have a secret life, I will not EVER be strong enough to come out.

  28. I am not strong enough for this. I am weak and I will NEVER come out to my parents or close friends. Even though it might make me feel better inside, I am too afraid to do it. I will live my life either away from family or just keep myself closeted forever. I am not strong enough.
    Real Name-William Lin

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