July 23, 2017
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What We Are Watching

Grace and Frankie

Those of you who followed the daily vlogs closely know that we first got into Grace and Frankie last summer. We were on the hunt for a new comedy show to get into, and Netflix originals are always great for that, since you can binge multiple episodes in a single go. The bad part of that is that it usually doesn’t take ... Read More »

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

So anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a MASSIVE X-Men fan since I could barely walk and talk. So naturally, many of them are asking my thoughts on the latest film adaptation in the franchise. So I thought I might give a little X-Men: Apocalypse review… But first, a little background. I grew up “reading” X-Men comics before I could ... Read More »

Wedding Wishes from the Shepsexuals

So one of the things that our friends Sabine, Uldis, and Egils was nice enough to do for us was compile together a whole bunch of wedding wishes that you shepsexuals recorded yourselves from around the world. They then put it together into this wonderful video that they showed us right before we started all of our wedding festivities. Let me ... Read More »

BF vs GF Are Calling It Quits

So when we decided to finally make the announcement yesterday that we’re no longer daily vlogging, we were understandably a bit nervous. I mean, that’s pretty much been the bread and butter of our brand for over four years now. And while we definitely feel good about our decision, we were still nervous about how the news would be received. ... Read More »

The Normal Heart

As you guys know from the videos, the good folks at HBO were kind enough to give us a screener of The Normal Heart days before it premiered. God knows why they saw fit to reach out to us, but I’m so happy that they did. I should also add that, when I first heard that Ryan Murphy was directing a ... Read More »

In This Shirt

I’ve been obsessed with this song for a long time and I think the video speaks a lot about the gay community. I figured it’d be appropriate to share and wanted to see what you guys thought. It’s a strange video but there’s so much meaning behind everything. I think it’s beautiful. Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life