July 23, 2017
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Pokken Tournament Review

You know you’re marrying the right guy when he puts a video game you’ve been wanting on your wedding registry, and that’s exactly what happened with me and Pokken Tournament. I first heard about Pokken tournament on Facebook and thought it was another one of those gimmicks to make me click on a video that had nothing to do with ... Read More »

A Living Will Travel Blog

I thought my travel blog deserved it’s own plug on Not Adam and Steve. Gotta get in that shameless self promotion, especially now that the daily vlogs are at an end. The idea to create a travel blog came to me after going on an intense run to the top of Runyon Canyon after I heard the news about my ... Read More »

The Perfect Travel Playlist

Spotify has been a godsend. I love the platform because it makes it so easy to come across new music I wouldn’t have ran into otherwise. You can filter by genres and listen to randomly curated playlists created by Spotify or other users, and I’ve managed to put together what I consider to be the perfect travel playlist. It has ... Read More »

Something Like Winter

It’s actually been a while since I finished reading this book, so it’s not as fresh as it could be, but sometimes giving yourself some time to sit and stew over an opinion is a good way to analyze whether you liked a particular movie, book, restaurant, etc. That being said, I didn’t really need a lot of time to ... Read More »

Thoughts on Europe

“How was Europe?” “Where did you go?” “What did you see?” “Did you enjoy it?” “What was your favorite part?” Since we got back from Europe, there has been an onslaught of questions like these, and each time I felt bad giving an answer; I didn’t think I had had enough time to seriously process the trip and what it ... Read More »

In This Shirt

I’ve been obsessed with this song for a long time and I think the video speaks a lot about the gay community. I figured it’d be appropriate to share and wanted to see what you guys thought. It’s a strange video but there’s so much meaning behind everything. I think it’s beautiful. Read More »

Shep689: A Gay in the Life